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Top Market Research Tools You Should Know About

July 21, 2022


A chunk of your business review depends on using the right marketing strategies, especially with the ever-increasing competition. Using the right marketing tools and conducting thorough research of your past, current, and future customers can help you find insights into your customers and trends. This can help you improve your products and create effective marketing strategies to grab the maximum audience for your products and services.

Marketing research tools play an important role in such cases. Many businesses use market research tools, and the global revenue of the market research industry has more than doubled in recent years. This is because these tools come with a heap of benefits that you cannot ignore. They help you tailor your marketing strategy according to your product and target customers.

Market research tools help you find the right marketing service, and get a good grip on your market and audience so you can compete with other competitors in the market. You can use market research tools and their data in different ways including to optimize your marketing strategy and use it for your business’ benefit. Continue reading this blog post to learn about some of the top market research tools which can help you grow your business.

Google Trends


Google Trends is one of a business owners most used and liked market research tools. It shows what people are searching for on Google and the hot topics that are trending right now. You can enter a search term, a keyword, or a topic to show how trendy that term is. Google Trends shows you the term’s popularity with the line graph and gives you a score out of 100. It is easy to use, visually appealing and can carry a huge amount of data. However, the related topics are not always relevant to the searched term.



Attest helps marketers assess their brand and get insights much faster than other tools. It lets you do all kinds of market research and helps you find your audience quickly. You can use this platform to conduct market and competitor analysis.



Statista is another platform for market research that gives you visual data from market research reports and statistics about a certain term. A good advantage of using this platform is that it receives the data from reputable sources and turns them into graphs and charts to make them visually more readable for you. Moreover, it can also lead you to hundreds of reports and dashboards which you can use to support your content and improve your marketing efforts. However, the only drawback is that its free plan is limited.

Facebook Page Insights


This is a great platform if you use Facebook to market and grow your business. It provides insights into your audience’s posts’ performance and how your pages are growing. It also tells you which post got the most engagement and suggests ways to increase your content’s reach. This way, you can easily get unparalleled insights into your Facebook audience.



Buzzsumo is a content marketing and social media market research tool that can analyze over 8 billion articles and 300 trillion social engagements. It is an incredibly effective market research tool that gives you an exact engagement rate to see what is popular at the moment. Many businesses use it as a tool because it is quite reliable and gives accurate social share accounts. This makes it a great tool for competitor research and helps you increase the reach of your content.



This tool provides trusted insights, strategic advice, and practical tools to handle market research. It gives an incredible amount of detailed, verified, and peer-driven research. Such insights can help you identify trends in the industry relevant to your business and discover other powerful insights that could help your business grow.

Other Important Tools For Market Research

Some other important tools for market research are as follows:

  • BrandMentions
  • Qualaroo
  • Typeform
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Living Facts
  • Answer the public

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