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Digital Advertising

Online marketing strategies tailored to your brand objectives

Digital advertising is an effective way of creating a meaningful connection between your brand and your prospects and customers. Digital marketing is an art as well as a science whereby you can design ads, make strategies specific to your needs and pull traffic to your website that converts. As more and more people are searching products and services on the internet, placing yourself in front of those users would help you build a solid online presence. We take a strategic approach to digital advertising with a focus on quality traffic, higher conversion, and greater brand loyalty.

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With help from the right people, technology, and approach, we ensure that your PPC campaign is producing maximum results.

Paid search marketing is an effective tool in generating instant leads and conversions. The understanding of your customers and their purchase behavior is crucial when it comes to setting up paid search campaigns like pay per click (PPC). Our paid search experts specialize in designing and executing highly successful search campaigns for our clients. Through research, strategic planning, and careful implementation, we help your business connect with your customers in a seamless manner.


These are some of the components of our paid search service:

  • Multiple channels (Google, Bing-Yahoo!, Facebook,       LinkedIn)
  • Thorough keyword research
  • Effective calls-to-actions
  • Engaging ad copy
  • A/B testing and campaign optimization
  • Demographic and psychographic targeting
  • Relevant and high-quality landing pages
  • Continuous campaign monitoring by certified specialists
  • Reporting and data analysis

Since PPC has become highly effective in generating qualified leads, competitive bids can get expensive. Our search engine experts ensure a lower cost-per-click by maintaining the quality of ads and SEO structure of your site. Here is how we manage to run consistently successful PPC campaigns for our clients.

  • We create relevant landing pages optimized for your target keywords and tailored to your unique products and services.
  • We constantly look for improvements and identify what works best for you while optimizing your campaigns based on data and on-going      analysis.
  • With the help of targeted keywords, we make sure that your customers are funneled directly to a page where that product or service is listed.
  • We make sure that your PPC campaign is generating a higher conversion rate and return on your investment.

Digital Advertising is on the rise and will continue to gain momentum in the years to come. If done correctly, it creates a huge impact on the companies’ financial performance and ROI. Whether it’s web development or paid advertising, we closely follow emerging trends and technologies in digital marketing. Being an innovative and ROI-focused digital marketing agency in Edmonton, our advertising objectives are to:

  • Present your brand in a professional way
  • Create a perfect targeting mix and put your offers in front of targeted consumers
  • Reach your online marketing goals in the quickest way possible
  • Evaluate your website and make necessary amendments

Our super-intelligent and creative development team has the ability and resources to translate your vision into actionable plans. From PPC and paid social to email marketing and local advertising, we provide the most effective digital advertising campaigns on the market.


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