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Reach First

A company of passionate individuals, professionals, and visionaries who have come together to help you excel in your business. We have the resources, the passion, and the willingness it requires to turn every project into a success story.

Who We Are

Who we are and what we stand for as a company can be summed up in a few words: We are a marketing agency that wants to help businesses reach their potential market first. Thus, we don't just aim at connecting brands with customers, we want to do it before everyone else does. Online marketing is constantly evolving, but the principles are more or less the same as in traditional marketing. If a business we are promoting reaches its target market before the competitors, it has the first-mover advantage to help it acquire, retain and expand its user base at a growing pace.

Performance is at the core of everything we do. We go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve impactful growth for all our clients, including TUF-BAR, BP Automation, Coveroc, Power Systems Plus, and A Sign Promotion. See Our Work Section.

Our History

We started in 2008 as a small startup company, focusing on web designing and some limited areas of online marketing. Over the span of 2-3 years we expanded the scope of our services and entered the growing segment of digital marketing in full scale. From web design, to web development, SEO, digital advertising, social media management and corporate branding, we cover every important channel to provide holistic online marketing solutions to brands seeking online success. We sensed that a standalone approach to digital marketing was not sufficient, and so broadened our proposition to incorporate every channel we thought would be essential for businesses to achieve sustainable online success.

Understanding that our very success depends on the success of our clients’ businesses, we do everything with passion and vigor, or not at all!

Our Vision
And Philosophy

The core function of Reach First is to help businesses exceed their revenue and growth goals through digital marketing. Our philosophy is to serve the business community and explore the new dimensions of online marketing. We strongly believe that a company grows when it pleases every stakeholder associated with it and plays its role in making life easier for people. Our long-term objective is to bring digital marketing solutions within the reach of businesses of all sizes and achieve the shared growth for our clients, employees, and partners as a whole. Through commitment and uncompromising dedication, we want to be recognized as a top digital marketing agency in Canada.


We rebranded TUF-BAR and fine-tuned its overall digital strategy. The results are amazing!

Find out how and what we achieved for them.

Our Refined Approach



Research is an important component of a successful marketing strategy. First we conduct a thorough research on your industry and market trends so we can develop a strong and sustainable marketing plan for your business.


We develop your website, paid advertisement campaigns, SEO, email marketing, and other online experiences based on your prospects’ locational and informational needs.


Before implementation, we test everything in terms of success. We put web pages, content, and other elements on test in order to determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Implementation of an idea with the combination of online marketing practices which are totally unique and in accordance with your brand needs will surely get you the success you have been looking for.


We monitor and maintain the overall performance of every digital marketing campaign. This final process helps us improve your brand loyalty and customer retention rate.

6 Reasons to Work With Us


We have been in business for more than eight years and have earned the trust of our clients in Canada and globally.


We keep up with the latest technologies and innovations to help you secure sustainable success and growth.


We develop and implement well-researched online marketing plans for our clients in order to ensure long-term success.


We constantly investigate new digital devices, their functionalities and impact on marketing and consumer behavior.


We are a local online marketing firm that demonstrates results to clients on a monthly basis.


We maintain strong business relationships with our clients and stay available whenever they need us.


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