Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

April 16, 2019

As you’re struggling to build a successful startup and keep it afloat, you’re likely to deal with many challenges every day. From raising funds to managing daily tasks, it is a hectic job to keep business affairs in order. You neither have the marketing expertise nor the time to launch an effective digital marketing campaign for your new business.

However, in the start, you can select and focus on a few online marketing platforms that will help you understand how things really work in the digital world. The way you build your business and promote it through various marketing techniques will make or break your business. Many high-potential startups fail in Canada due to lack of planning and poor marketing strategies. This blog post will help you identify some of the most effective digital marketing strategies for startups.

1. Responsive website design

In the Digital Age where more than 50% of consumers use mobile and other hand-held devices to find products and services online, it’s imperative to build sites that run seamlessly across devices. The success of a new business largely depends on its ability to beat the competition. One of the ways to outsmart your competitors is to have a robust website that can adjust the content throughout devices and screen sizes.

While responsive website design is an imperative ingredient of seamless user experience, it will help you improve SEO rankings. Responsive design is a key element when it comes to Google ranking factors.

2. Strategic use of social media

Newly established companies often fail to leverage the power of social media to promote their business. Without a well-thought-out social media plan, your efforts will not bear fruit. Have a strategy in place and use social media in a professional manner.

It’s not necessary to be on every channel; select social media platforms where your prospects spend time. Creating a great Facebook page for your company and publishing helpful content on a regular basis can be the first step towards creating a sound social media presence.

The quality of your content plays a crucial role. Most startups find it almost impossible to find time to manage social media profiles and build productive relationships with their audience. It’s a great idea to sign up for a social media management service.

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3. Great content

Content is probably the most powerful tool a startup can use to establish its digital footprint and online reputation. From web copy and social media posts to visuals and blog posts, you need good content to help your audience solve their problems. Start working on developing a sound content marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to try new content formats such as video, infographics, images, etc.

Your prospective customers are more likely to retain your message when you use visuals as a major component of your content marketing efforts.

4. Google My Business profile

A startup shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get maximum online exposure. When it comes to digital marketing, opportunities are limitless. Google My Business is one of those opportunities that can yield real-time results. You can use your Google My Business profile to share important business information with your customers: contact information, operation hours, direction, etc.

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