How To Create Amazing Content For Your Business Website

How To Create Amazing Content For Your Business Website

June 13, 2019

Creating converting website content is a technical job that requires deep understanding and insight. When it comes to the homepage of your business website, it has to say a lot in the most engaging and precise manner. The success of your digital marketing efforts is largely dependent on the way you get your message across.

Companies spend a great deal of money and time on developing a website. Unfortunately, they overlook the messaging which makes the difference between a bounced visitor and a lead. Taken into account all the resources you put into your website, it would be devastating if your visitors are unable to understand what your business actually offers.

All the elements on your homepage including text and images lie at the core of how you communicate with your audience. Therefore, it’s important to get your homepage messaging right.

How to get your messaging right

Crafting a perfect homepage copy isn’t always as easy as you might think. Your website visitors are impatient; they don’t see your website the way you do. They don’t know about your products and services, so you have to educate them through your messaging.

Using buzz words might sound like a good idea, but they can’t clearly describe your business. One of the best techniques to get your messaging right is to enter into the conversations your prospects are having in their own heads. This is an effective way to grab your visitors’ interest and trust.

A good homepage answers the questions running through the minds of its audience. In order to create compelling homepage content, make sure to answer the following three questions:

1. What is your business all about?

When writing homepage content, imagine you meet someone for the first time and you have to describe your business to them. It’s crucial to quickly and effectively communicate the value your business creates for consumers. If you already have a website, ask someone who doesn’t know anything about your business, to read your homepage. And then ask them to explain what your business is about. Their response will tell you a lot about the quality of your homepage.

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When it becomes excessively difficult to present your business in a short and concise manner, use visual elements. A simple image can help your visitors understand the value your business creates. However, you need to use visuals intelligently as a wrong picture can communicate the wrong message. The images you use on your website must be relevant and they must be an extension of your business message. Visit the homepage of Dropbox to see how a few lines can tell the entire brand story.

2. What makes you different?

This is a noisy world where companies have to face fierce competition, a battle to win the customers’ attention. No matter how unique your products or services are, if you can’t communicate your message, your website visitors will be unable to understand why your business is better than the rest. Identify your strengths and attributes or whatever makes you different.

Your website homepage shouldn’t convince your audience to buy something, it should show your products as viable and dependable solutions. Think of your customers’ problems and offer solutions in an engaging and interesting manner.

3. Does your message set the right expectations?

There are many business websites that attract visitors using clever and unrealistic messaging. When you promise something and you fail to deliver it, you’ll fail to achieve sustainable business growth. Therefore, set the right expectations and deliver what you promise.

If your website isn’t generating leads or failing to convert visitors into customers, it’s time to optimize your messaging to drive conversions. You can test and optimize your homepage content the way you make layout changes to your website. Consult digital marketing experts to learn how you can improve your overall online presence and achieve higher ROI.

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