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What Is A Bounce Rate, And How Can I Fix Mine?

November 24, 2022


When you first come across the metric of bounce rate, it can be difficult to understand. You start to wonder whether a bounce rate that is nearly 100% is good or bad. Is it similar to a bounced email? Is this a pointless metric that I should ignore? And what should I do if I want to fix it?

These are some of the questions that many marketers have asked, but may not have received a satisfactory response. But don’t you worry. As a leading digital marketing agency, we’re here to help you better understand what entails a bounce rate, what doesn’t, and how to fix it.

What Is A Bounce Rate?


When a user visits a single page on your website and does nothing before leaving, this is known as a bounce. More specifically, a website’s bounce rate gauges the number of visitors who leave a page without taking action, like making a purchase, completing a form, or clicking a link.

Understanding your bounce rate and how it affects your overall digital marketing strategy is crucial if you work in the digital marketing world. For instance, a high bounce rate could be a sign of technical SEO problems, like a slow page load.

What Is A Good Bounce Rate?


You might feel discouraged by the number if you’ve recently looked at the bounce rate of your website. However, if you then choose to aim for a 0% bounce rate, you’ll likely feel even more discouraged.

It’s not always a bad thing to have a high bounce rate. The definition of a good bounce rate and a bad bounce rate are relative terms that can vary based on a variety of factors, including subjective ones.

The ideal range for bounce rates is between 26% and 40%, with the average rate falling somewhere between 26% and 70%. If your data indicates that you will land at a percentage below 20%, you may want to check a few things again.

Inaccurate reporting of bounce rates can be caused by duplicate code, poorly implemented tracking and add-ons from third parties.

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Bounce Rate Vs. Exit Rate


The exit rate is a term that is frequently used in conjunction with bounce rates. Due to their resemblance, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a bounce rate and an exit rate.

The exit rate is the percentage of visitors who leave a particular page even though they did not arrive there initially. In contrast, the bounce rate is the percentage of single-engagement sessions that a website has. Therefore, a bounce occurs when a user visits page 1 of your website and then clicks the back button on their browser to return to the referring page.

However, if they start on page 1, navigate to page 2, and then close their browser or switch to another website, that is regarded as an exit. It cannot be said that they bounced because they went to a different page after leaving page 1.

How To Lower Your Bounce Rate


In general, a page with a high bounce rate may be irrelevant or difficult to understand for visitors. However, you shouldn’t immediately take drastic measures like delete a page or start a redesign. Before you decide which course of action to take, you must first take a few crucial steps.

It’s important to keep in mind that bounce rates only reveal when a visitor lands on one page of your website before leaving without viewing any other pages. You are not informed of the user’s actions on your page. Use these recommendations to lower your website’s bounce rate.

  • Do your best to make your website mobile-friendly
  • Evaluate your search engine optimization performance
  • Check your bounce rate using various sources
  • Avoid any additional disturbances that could degrade the user experience
  • Identify the keywords that this page is ranked for
  • Include specific CTAs and think about where to put them
  • Review Pages with the Highest Exit Volume

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