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How Do I Get My Website To Rank Higher On Google?

February 18, 2022


Despite having highly well-built websites with great content and 24/7 available customer support service, many online store owners struggle to improve their rankings on google. They invest millions and millions of dollars in poorly formulated marketing strategies that simply wash down the drain without any sign of improvement in the customer base.

In this regard, what these entrepreneurs fail to understand is that traditional digital marketing has evolved dramatically. That is, traditional enticing television ads or colourful billboards alone are not enough. Currently, we are under the effects of the dot-com bubble that burst around two decades ago with no sign of ever returning to traditional ways of living.

In the current era, people will not swallow what is spoon-fed to them through cringy advertisements. Instead, today’s customers love companies that create value and maintain authority. Many people understand that the latter can be done through achieving higher rankings for their websites on Google. However, despite their best efforts, most online store owners sulk when they see the monthly traffic coming onto their websites.

So what exactly goes wrong?

As experts in providing top-class SEO services, we shall educate our readers on how to achieve a higher Google ranking by simply paying attention to the minor issues they have been neglecting.

However, if you are still unsure about why a higher ranking on Google is so important, we shall start by first explaining that.

Why Is It Important To Rank Higher On Google?


As bitter as it might sound, the times of television are almost gone. Millennials and Gen Z rarely watch TV. You often see them fiddling with their phones or absorbed in their PC’s screens. Hence, the best way to increase your clientele is through online means instead of focussing on traditional advertisements.

Now the question is, how do we do that?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, today’s customers love companies that create value by providing them with reliable information or any such side service. The reliability of your website will be ‘judged’ through the ranking you receive from Google. Have a look at the graph below:

Image 1

(Source: Smart Insights)

The most noticeable thing about the graph above is the difference between the clickthrough rate of the website ranking on the first position and that on the second. Evidently, ranking can turn the tables for you in terms of building up clientele.

To this end, the three magical words that can change the game nowadays is Search Engine Optimization. The better your SEO strategy the higher you will rank on any search engine.

In short, these three words can make or break your online clientele.

However, some people still do not see an improvement in their rankings even after working on their SEO. When this is the case we suggest getting advice from a top-notch SEO strategist.

Now that you understand why ranking on Google is essential, let us tell you what might have passed unnoticed resulting in poor rankings.

How Do I Rank Higher On Google?


1. Identify Underperforming Keywords

You have selected a primary keyword for your website. However, you consistently rank well below the preferable position. Let us say your website ranks at #15 on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Now you have two ways you can improve your ranking:

  • Either, you can undergo the hassle of slowly moving the ranking up by merely 5 positions at most.
  • Or, you could simply look for a keyword that can help you rank higher on Google and put all your effort into it.

The ideal option is the second one.

2. Incorporate LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Index keywords are relatively uncommon as average online store owners are unfamiliar with them. However, these can work like a charm for you. In simpler words, these are just keywords that are relevant or relate to your main topic. For example, if your main topic is food, your LSI keywords will be restaurants, best cuisines, fast food, burger, pizzas, etc.

3. Work On On-Site SEO

Although technical SEO plays a significant role in improving Google Rankings, the importance of on-site SEO should never be overlooked.

Hence, take care of the following:

  • Generate longer content on your website. For example, write longer blogs.
  • Use keywords in your title tags.
  • Use keywords at least two to three times in every blog.

4. Cut The Bounce Rate

If visitors leave your website early, Google will get a negative impression. It will make your website irrelevant and useless. As a result, your ranking will remain low. To overcome the latter, always ensure that each and every page of your website contains valuable and relevant information.

5. Involve A Reliable SEO Service Provider

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