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Web Design Trends That Will Dominate 2017

May 24, 2017


Digital marketing is an ever-changing way of promoting businesses and their products and services to the online world. From web design to lead management, everything reshapes itself as new online marketing tools and technologies keep introducing innovative techniques to serve the expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Something that is looking fresh and modern today might go obsolete tomorrow. Simplicity and clarity are probably two things that will remain relevant in this era of internet. Let’s explore what web design trends can make your website look relevant and enticing in 2017.  

The use of high-quality and unique photography

Using high-quality and authentic images can always enhance your online experience. New web design trends suggest that the use of images that show real people and things have a better chance of converting online visitors. You can use millions of images available online for free; however, it would be even better if you have your own images that can make it easy for prospects to trust your brand. This is why the demand for real-life images are likely to grow in the future.

Bold typography

Content is absolutely crucial for a website, but how content is presented to consumers is even more crucial. Businesses are now increasingly using bold typography in order to amplify the appearance of their home pages. And when it comes to typography, you have to figure out a font type that aligns stylistically with the overall look of an interface. The text size, color, and font can add an element of intrigue to content.

Modular design

Card design layouts have become popular for so many good reasons. Cards make it easy to create an organized, compelling, simple, and responsive web experience. It sometimes becomes hard to incorporate complex and excessive information into a web page. Modular design is probably the best idea when you have to present abundance of data on a page in a neat and digestible way.

GIFs and animations

The use of GIFs and animation can help build a more interactive web experience for users. The compelling nature of animations and short videos have a great impact on generating higher user engagement and conversion. Human brain readily accepts visual information. It is effective to present information to your online audience in forms of animations, infographics, images, and GIFs.  This is why these features are becoming trendy in building interactive web designs.


Facebook is probably the best example of a long-scrolling website that clearly explains why people like to scroll for hours continuously exploring new content. The long scrolls now have become widely accepted as it can build more conversion-driven sites.  

The ultimate objective of creating a business website is to get more customers. Therefore, every element on a site should be designed from a user perspective. Web design trends in 2017 focus largely on building sites that display information in a very creative, interactive, and user-friendly way.

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