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8 Ways To Enhance Your Social Media Engagement

June 19, 2020

Social media marketing isn’t just responsible for making sure a business has its presence on public forums alone; it’s also the first step for a company to enable people to interact with their brand on the internet.

It’s direct engagement with your audience that retains potential clients, and promotes lead generation, conversion of leads, and the consequent business growth it comes with.

1. Have a conversation with the audience

Engaging your audience is very easy if you use a content and marketing strategy that entices them to talk to you. Initiating the conversation is the hard part. If your audience starts talking to you through social media, it actually enhances the chances of them turning into your buyers and customers. You can use social media posts and status updates to call your audience to contact you, and they can take the first steps by replying to your questions or other engaging content.

2. Mentioning your followers always helps

If you follow the activities and responses of your followers on social media and mention them with their names in your posts, it’ll boost their confidence in you and enhance their interest in your brand. They’ll feel appreciated and loved and they’ll return the favor to you by buying from you or by telling other people about your brand. One example of this is played out by holding a competition and mentioning the top three winners to engage and appreciate your audience.

3. Cover current events in your content

Another useful way to engage people with your content is to relate your content with anything recent happening around or trending on the internet. If the content you use is related to current events, people are more likely to participate in the competitions or respond to your posts because they’ll relate to it more.

4. Responding to queries and solving their issues

If you’re able to respond to the questions and queries of your audience and solve their problems, your business is most likely to grow in the number of followers it has, and subsequently in the number of customers and clients. It’ll keep the interest of your audience on your social media page and they’ll probably go further to buy from you.

5. Asking specific and concrete questions

Social media engagement depends on what types of questions you ask your audience. The questions must not be too ambiguous, or it’ll have your audience guessing about the intention, and you’ll probably receive very few answers. To successfully engage your audience and receive the most relevant and desired type of responses to the questions you asked, the questions need to be very clear, specific, and direct.

6. Ask me anything (AMA) sessions

One useful way to engage your audience is to carry out ‘ask me anything’ sessions. It’ll entice the audience to talk to you more about any questions they might need an answer to. It gives the audience more topics and things to talk about, instead of just always engaging your audience in the same way. It also increases overall social media engagement with your audience, so it’s a good idea to try it out.

7. Promoting user-generated content

You can also enhance your social media engagement by promoting the content that one of your visitors generates. For instance, you can talk about what one of your users or top fans commented about your business, brand, product, or service. Or, better yet, you could just go completely off-topic from your industry, and promote a message or a great work of art from your community. Almost anything that you feel has a positive impact on the community you serve is fair game.

8. Using related hashtags

An increasing trend on social media is to use hashtags preceding a phrase or a word that relates to your business, that you think other people could relate to as well. It’s a prevalent practice to get your potential audience reading, watching, and responding to your content.

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