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5 Ways Influencers Can Help Improve Your Business Growth

September 30, 2021

There is no doubt that marketing is vital for the growth of a business and for that a well defined marketing strategy should be executed. Marketing trends change all the time and your business needs to adapt with these changes in order to grow.

Many small and medium scale businesses tend to ignore the fact that how effective an influencer can be for their marketing campaigns.

In this blog we will discuss how important influencer marketing can be for your business and why digital marketing service providers should consider it.


In today’s age consumers evaluate the authenticity of products and services based on reviews and the recommendation of influencers. Even if you offer the best services and products in the market, you might still not have much of an impact compared to brands being promoted by influencers.

  • According to a survey conducted by The Nielsen Analytics Company around 92% of consumers depend upon the recommendations of influencers before deciding which products or services they want to purchase.
  • Nearly 40% of Twitter users are convinced by influencers before making a purchase.
  • Around 51% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is helping them in acquiring better customers.

Trust Of The Consumers

People put a high level of trust in their influencers so when they advocate for your brand, your sales are bound to increase. This helps to generate better and more loyal customers because now they have some relatability with your brand.

Better Reach

Influencers who already have a following in the millions are the best way to implement effective marketing campaigns and reach a large audience.

Better SEO

When your brand is mentioned by famous and trusted influencers in their blogs,videos or other forms of content, you have the opportunity to generate high quality external links on your website. This will help your search ranking on google go up and result in higher traffic levels on your website, generating more sales.

Highly Targeted Marketing Strategy

If your brand has a good reach, but is unable to find the right audience, then chances are that the current marketing strategies you are employing are not working. This will cost you a lot of effort and resources without much ROI.

But with influencer marketing, it is quite easy to identify your target audience. For example, if you have a brand related to skin care or beauty products, there are many influencers that you can approach to help you market your product. If most of their followers are interested in beauty products, then their following is a great target audience for your brand.

Cost Effective and High Customer Acquisition

This strategy of marketing through influencers is very cost effective. Having a lower production cost, less Cost Per Mile(CPM) and reaching the right target audience makes it a very cost effective strategy. Moreover, it is highly engaging thus resulting in a high customer acquisition.

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