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Top Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement in 2022

March 28, 2022

Two months into 2022 and the marketing world is changing at an unstoppable pace. It is clear that now social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok can not be ignored if you want to establish your brand. Enhanced features and changing algorithms are making it difficult for novice users to capitalize on the potential of these platforms. However, having a trusted digital marketing partner on board can save you from all the constant system updates and learning hustle.

Even if you trust professional digital marketing services to handle your social media accounts including Instagram for you, it is better to have some knowledge about how things work. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions, interpret the marketing reports, correctly question your marketing agency, and most importantly remain on top of your skills.

The following blog explains some of the strategies that can prove to be handy to capitalize on the infinite Instagram marketing opportunities in 2022.

What Is An Instagram Engagement Rate?

Instagram engagement is a quantitative measure of how visitors, followers, and other platform users interact with the content on your page. The four options – like, comment, share, and save under every post are the prime source of engagement on Instagram. Each action has a set allocated weightage with the saves option weighted the most by the platform’s algorithm.

The engagement rate is typically calculated by adding likes, comments, shares, and saves and dividing them over the account’s follower count.

Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement

The Instagram content mix is its charm that makes it an attractive brand development platform. Using all Instagram features from stories to reels is the key to producing diverse yet aligning content. Moreover, variety and utilizing the strength of every feature is key to enhancing your Instagrams enhancement.


Regular posting is essential to create a strong brand image and ensure you are staying in touch with your followers. Being a picture-sharing app, Instagram users give a lot of importance to visuality on the platform. Therefore, it is important to be consistent and have a set layout of your page. Brands like Fila, Nike, Kylie cosmetics, and others have set patterns and themes for their Instagram feed. Whenever they post content they use the same filter and their graphics are of high quality.

When your content is consistent, your Instagram page becomes aesthetically pleasing and people start associating a specific look with your brand. Therefore, make sure your social media marketing partner produces high-quality images to post on your Instagram page, stories, and reels.

Talk With Stories

Stories, although they disappear after 24-hours, still constitute a huge chunk of the content available on the platform. The temporary nature of Instagram stories makes them more conversational and a bit more personal.

Ask me a question, polling options, and other interactive elements make the customers experience and attach to your brand on a personal level. Make full use of the stories feature and add an optimal amount of engaging content.

The easiest way to produce quality content for stories is the usage of stickers and AR to create built-in CTAs that you can use on the situation demands.

Branding One Post At The Time

Branding is key to the success of any marketing strategy and business. When posting a single post always keep the overall brand visibility of your brand. Well-coordinated content is a great way to lure people to follow you, increasing your brand base on the platform.

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There are several ways you can build your visual brand. You can establish it in a similar way like people associate M to mcdonalds. So, a simple way to create a visual brand image is to incorporate special design elements, such as logo color using saturation or contrast levels.

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