Understanding The Significance of Technical SEO

Understanding The Significance of Technical SEO

May 7, 2018

SEO is critical to your site’s success, no doubt. The technical aspect of SEO does not deal with the content but rather focuses on building a strong structure your website needs to perform well and stand out. It is the backbone of your site that holds it together. While Google has made major changes in its approach to comprehend and deliver optimized results, the assumption that technical SEO is no longer pertinent is absurd.

Despite the obvious importance of having an effective content strategy to improve organic search visibility, technical and structural enhancements to the website bring about incredible value for your business. You can simply set your online presence apart by paying due attention to technical SEO elements. What follows are some of the most important areas of technical SEO:

Website speed

Whether you are running a mega online store or a single page site, speed is of paramount significance. If your users have to wait for your site to load, they are going to leave it for sure. Slow loading pages are probably the leading factor why people abandon sites. When your site load too slowly, you will lose customers to your competitors.

It is also called pogo-sticking effect when a user performs a search, clicks on a result, and then quickly goes back to search result page and selects a different site. Google does not like pogo-sticking and this could have a really bad impact on your overall SEO efforts. If your site isn’t functioning well, no matter how great your content is, you will lose precious traffic. This is just one example why technical SEO is critical.

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Site errors

Site errors refer to the high-level errors that damage your website in its entirety. They frustrate both human users and bots. Therefore, don’t ignore them and take immediate steps to fix the issue. You can view these errors for the last 90 days in the crawl errors report.

Incorrect redirects, broken links, and missing pages are some of the common factors that lead to site errors. Every site has to experience 404 errors at some point. However, make sure you know how to detect and fix these errors. 301 redirects can slow down your website speed and negatively impact your rankings. Google doesn’t like to send traffic to sites that are not user-friendly or hard to navigate.

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Duplicate content

Blocks of content within or across domains that completely match other content is called duplicate content. Google is constantly improving their ability to find and penalize duplicate content. If your website contains duplicate or repetitive content, remove it instantly and properly before it gets too late. Content on a web page must not be similar to any other web pages. SEO experts should take content duplication and plagiarism issues seriously in order to prevent rankings and traffic losses.

Crawl errors

Search engines utilize bots to crawl websites and determine their positions in SERPs based on content and overall site structure. A crawl error means bots have found something wrong that can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Make sure that all of the pages are indexed and that there is an effective sitemap. Having an XML sitemap on your site is the best way to avoid crawlability related issues. The Crawl Error reports will help you identify elements on your site that Google could not successfully crawl.

If you want to prioritize your search marketing campaigns, make sure you cover all the major aspects of technical SEO. It wouldn’t matter how incredible your on-page SEO is if you fail to address the technical issues.

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