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7 Must Have Tools For Every Digital Marketing Agency

March 19, 2020

With digital marketing getting more and more advanced, it is imperative for digital marketing agencies to equip themselves with the right tools to effectively and efficiently achieve marketing goals for their clients.

Typically, businesses seek digital marketing services in their local area for increased visibility, lead generation, membership signups, or product/service sales. No matter what the objective, these tools will save internet marketers time, effort, money and hassle.

On a side note, there are literally thousands of software and apps that promise to simplify digital marketing. This makes it difficult for marketers to choose the right solutions for their needs. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a list of the most essential tools that every digital marketing agency needs to review.


Ahrefs is one of the most effective tools for keeping track of your SEO metrics. It has an impressive keyword research tool that is second to none. Free keyword tools by Google, SEMrush and BuzzSumo don’t come close to this platform.

Ahrefs presents detailed reports for keywords, traffic and domain-based links. It also offers comprehensive stats for your content, which help digital marketers in identifying the top-performing posts. You can also unearth huge backlink opportunities by (1) determining where your competitors are getting most of their backlinks from, and (2) via broken link building.

People use Ahrefs to carry out a competitive analysis of a domain. This feature allows you to see what your competitors are up to and adjust your strategies accordingly.

In short, if your digital marketing agency isn’t benefiting from Ahrefs, which is also the second biggest crawler on the Web, then you’re missing out on serious marketing opportunities.

Google Analytics

Where Ahrefs is a great tool to find out how your competitors are doing, Google Analytics offers key insights about your own website performance. You can run different tests to determine how your visitors are interacting with your website content. Review your website’s SEO performance or check the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign. Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool for accomplishing these and many other objectives.


Feedly is a powerful content curation tool used by digital marketers across the world for content discovery and inspiration. You can customize your feed and group your favourite content creators in any way you like. While the free version of this tool may be suitable for freelancers and small businesses, we recommend digital marketing agencies invest in the premium version for more powerful features, like content discovery by keyword searches.

Poster My Wall

Through content repurposing, you can add life to your top-performing posts in limitless ways. Your blog posts can be repurposed into infographics, visual posts, and even short video animations.

And while there are several impressive online image editors for this purpose, there are several reasons why Poster My Wall really stands out and is worth your time and attention.

Poster My Wall brings together a community of graphic designers and creative experts, who share their best works on the website. The creative pieces are up for editing, and you can customize them with your own logos, colours, text, and other elements. Alternatively, if you’re only looking for some inspiration, you can browse their wide range of impressive and creative marketing collateral shown on the website to collect ideas for your next creative visuals.

VSDC Pro Video Editor

While we continuously test new video marketing software from time to time, for this post we would like to cover one that really stands out. The VSDC Pro Video Editor is a complete video editing and screen capturing suite. It offers a user-friendly interface for editing videos.

The Pro version has a number of additional features lacking in the free version. For instance, you can split video and audio from any video file.

Got a shaky video? The Pro version offers a video stabilization tool that will stabilize the video.

Use VSDC Pro Video Editor to effortlessly repurpose your top visuals and text posts into captivating videos. Find royalty-free music on YouTube, SoundCloud or any other resource to be added to your new creation.

Select the quality of the output video, choose the format in which you want to save the video file, and export your new creation. Don’t forget to share your creativity on your favourite social media channels like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Gain more mileage on your video content by sharing it on video sharing platforms like TikTok and Like.

Zoho People

Zoho People is an HR suite that consists of cloud-based apps designed for small to medium size businesses. It facilitates encrypted communication between employees and the HR/management. You can also manage employees working remotely in your marketing agency using this suite. It has time tracking software to manage employee attendance and leaves. Zoho’s powerful and cost-saving HR features simplify the management of everyday office tasks and HR issues, allowing you to focus on your core areas of expertise.

Teamwork Cloud-based Project Management Suite

Teamwork is a powerful project management suite designed for internet marketers, website developers, graphic designers and business professionals. It allows you to seamlessly manage client projects, collaborate and communicate with your employees, and keep track of approaching deadlines. It is a reliable cloud-based platform suitable for planning, executing and managing all aspects of your digital marketing projects. Employees can log the time they spend on different projects, giving your clients a detailed account of the exact time spent researching and executing their varied marketing goals.

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