Tips For Creating High Converting Facebook Ads

Tips For Creating High Converting Facebook Ads

September 24, 2018

Facebook has emerged as one of the most effective advertising channels for both B2C and B2B businesses. It is probably the most effective platform where you can reach your ideal consumers. As a business owner, if you are not using Facebook for advertising, consider updating your paid advertising strategies and focus on channels that offer the best ROI.

Facebook ads can produce incredibly profitable results provided you pay attention to factors that come together to make an ad successful. There are over 1 billion of users on Facebook, but creating a mundane, directionless ad won’t lead you to conversions. While great visuals and the right targeting are crucial to success, this blog post will provide tips for creating Facebook ads that actually convert.

Use targeting to narrow down your audience

When it comes to online marketing, it’s enticing to create an ad for a broad audience. However, if you want to be more effective, develop a deep understanding of your target audience and create a description that sounds enticing.

Targeting is key in advertising and Facebook has the best ad targeting features which enables you to specifically narrow down your audience. If your business is about manufacturing safety garments, you can reach people who are looking for safety garments. If you sell a marketing software, you can reach those who have already shown interest by visiting a landing page on your site. Your ad must speak to your specific audience in a precise manner.

Custom audience, location, gender, behaviors and interests are some of the ways you can target your ads on Facebook.

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Use visuals that fit your ad message

Many businesses, especially in the B2B industry, don’t have the relevant resources to create visuals to support their online marketing campaigns. When it comes to running an advertising campaign, don’t forget to use relevant and compelling visuals in forms of images and videos. If your image and ad copy convey two different messages, the ad viewers will get confused and your ad won’t be very successful.

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Keep it short and simple

You are paying to run the Facebook ad campaign, don’t waste your money by writing an ad copy which is complicated and offers no value. Explain your product to people while keeping the text short and sweet. Focus on how your product can add value to interested parties.

Copywriting is not about creating highly literary or academic content. Cut the flowery language and write something which is easy to understand. When someone sees your ad, they should be able to know right away what you are offering, what are the benefits, and what to do next.

Create different ads for different people

Don’t treat your Facebook ad like a billboard. What makes Facebook better than other advertising channels is its ability to target. Take advantage of this and create different ads for different prospects. For example, if your business sells women’s and men’s fashion clothing, as well as underwear, shoes, accessories, etc, many prospects will be interested in what your business offers. Most of your customers are likely to be interested in one product. Therefore, create different ads for different prospects.

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Focus on one call-to-action

There must be a clear goal in mind when writing the copy for your Facebook ad. Are you looking to generate leads or sell a product or are you trying to increase brand awareness? No matter the objective, a clear call-to-action must be a key component of your ad copy. Without CTA, a prospect will see your ad without having any idea what to do next.

A good ad on Facebook will ultimately lead to an increased conversion rate. Make sure you are putting all the important elements together to create a high converting ad.

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