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11 Things For Businesses To Consider Avoiding In Digital Marketing

October 4, 2019

By now, every business regardless of its function, size or geographic location, should be setup online. However, getting online is just a start. Once a business gets online, it must look for digital marketing services to make an impact in its market. Today, there are more internet users than ever before. Online consumers are now smarter than ever and they demand high utility, better shopping experience, and even better products and services altogether. In order to tap into this huge digital consumer range, you must avoid bad digital marketing practices.

Tech gurus now explain that search engines have become more strict, they make sure that negative practices are punished. Likewise, they make sure that good practices are rewarded as well. It is for this reason alone, you should avoid any negative practices while you’re marketing your business online. This blog aims to inform you about the top 11 things you should avoid while marketing your business online.

Ignoring Your Target Audience

When you’re spending money on online paid advertisements it is very important you select your target audience from the demographics. This will allow you to obtain your maximum ‘Return On Investment’ (ROI). If you miss them you will be losing money and you won’t get the results you were hoping for.

Starting Without A Strategy

It’s very important that you have a strategy, a roadmap or even a vision where you want to be after some time in the digital world. If you have no clear strategy, chances are you will find things out the hard way. This might cause you to lose money, resources and most of all your precious time.

Mobile Focused Interface

Today, mobile users are getting higher in numbers than traditional desktop and laptop users. Leaving the mobile user experience out of your digital strategy will not help you at all. In fact, you might lose some of your potential consumers. Having a good mobile interface for your digital business is among the top and most important good practices of today.

Giving Less Value To SEO

Search Engine Optimization should ALWAYS be at the top of your list. Having good SEO will help you obtain quality targeted traffic. Losing hope or not giving enough attention to SEO now will definitely be a loss for your digital presence and it will restrict your business growth opportunities for the future.

Trying Everything At Once

When we say having a strategy it should include careful selection of the platforms, the approach, the use of the right marketing mix among many other aspects. Doing everything at once is not the best idea. You won’t be able to decide which approach is best and which approaches are receiving minimum returns. Take it one step at a time.

Using All Social Media Platforms At Once

It’s been proven that not all businesses can or better yet should use all social media platforms at once. A business that will get better leads through LinkedIn should not be pursued on twitter. However, understanding the dynamics of your business and the outreach of the social media platforms will give you a good idea which platforms to attack first.

Getting Paid Followers

You won’t be cheating anyone but yourself if you rely on paid followers. They can leave you anytime. It’s much better if you build slowly but build originally. Give your target audience what they need. They need good quality content, a better product or service, and friendly customer support.

Unable To Do Proper Link Building

Back in time, there were many black hat practices that were ignored by the search engines in the past. Those days are gone. You will be thoroughly checked and if found doing anything that falls under the negative practices list you will be punished. No one should do this as they can put all their efforts at risk and will avail nothing good out of it.

Not Doing Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing practice where you can use different types of content to spread the same message. It is of high importance that you incorporate content marketing and use it to gain maximum attention and retention of your target audience. Be interactive and communicative with your audience. This is a very powerful tool relating to SEO.

Starting Without A Budget

You must be ready to pay, even if it is a small budget. This is essential in building your brand and gaining exposure for your business. Once you plan a budget you will be in a very good position to further control, plan and execute your digital marketing strategies.

Expecting Instant Results

Once you are done with the basics, it’s time to start getting some results. Not to worry, good things come to those who wait. Quick results may be motivating but they cannot be finite. You must remain patient and let your strategies work in a strategic manner.

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