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The Dos And Don’ts Of Effective Website Design

December 3, 2020

Web designing is a creative process. In today’s day and age, websites are all about user experience. This not only means that your website needs to be fast, but must also deliver the information that customers want.

Designing a website can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are new to the process. Designing a website is a tricky matter, and there are many factors that you must consider. In this blog we will discuss some of the fundamental dos and don’ts of an effective and attention-grabbing website.


Keep Your Audience In Mind

The main purpose of any business is to sell a product or service. It is vital to know your audience and decide how you can move them from the point of discovery to buying your product.

Design and develop the content of your website while keeping your customers in mind. Imagine how they will react to your website when they first visit it.

Focus On The Interface

Your interface matters a lot for an effective website design. A nice user interface can convert passive visitors into active visitors. A user interface must have engaging content along with attractive designs.

A big part of the UI/UX is that your users must have a similar experience on every device, no matter how they choose to view it. Your aim should be to develop a similar and consistent design suitable for all devices.

Use Content

Content is crucial for increasing traffic to your website. When it comes to content, less is more. Create short, concise, and engaging content for your website.

Make sure to only write about relevant content on your website. Avoid jargon and make sure that your content is easy to understand.

Select Fonts Wisely

Fonts can make or break your site. Here are a few tips when selecting font:

  • Don’t use small serif fonts that are difficult to read
  • Caps look rude. Avoid them
  • Test out various fonts side by side for readability
  • Use font colors wisely that complement your website’s design

Other Important Do’s

  • Keep your website design simple
  • Keep your content consistent
  • Optimize your website for search using SEO techniques
  • Research about your audience well
  • Check all your links
  • Design a good visual hierarchy and make it easy to scan
  • Optimize your website for speed and performance


Don’t Include Promotions And Advertisements

Including promotions on your websites can be a great way to earn from it. However, they steal the show. It can overshadow the content on your website and is often ignored by customers. Promotions and advertisements can degrade the outlook of your website and make it hard for users to read the content that is on it.

Don’t Make Your Users Wait

Most users won’t any longer than 5 seconds for a site to load. If your website is taking too long to load, you must work to improve this. The longer your site takes to load the more likely customers are to cancel loading your site and move to another site. You can minimize your loading time by optimizing your code and reducing redirects.

Don’t Autoplay Videos

Videos that automatically play upon landing on your site is one of the most irritating things for your customers. Don’t include videos on your website that play automatically. Use videos only when you need them.

Don’t Open Links In New Tabs

All internal links should open in the same tab, you want your users to use the ‘back’ button. You can include warnings if you want to open external links in a new window.

Don’t Use Too Much Color

A simpler design on a website is more appealing. Don’t use too many colors on your website as it will be hard for your users to read the content on your site.

Choose colors according to your product or services. But, avoid the usage of too many colors or shades

Other Don’ts

  • Don’t make assumptions about users expectations
  • Don’t overuse photos
  • Don’t use different writing styles
  • Don’t use too much text

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