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SEO Strategies A Business Should Still Use in 2019

June 21, 2019

A comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is a combination of various offsite and onsite tactics. Search engines, notably Google, have gone through numerous changes and updates over the last few years, likewise, so do the best SEO practices. However, there are some SEO practices that haven’t lost relevance and importance. This blog post will highlight some of the important onsite tactics that you can implement to improve your website’s visibility.

Speed up your website

Consumers expect a website to load as quickly as possible. Your website speed or page loading time is a crucial part of a website’s user experience. If you think it’s fine to compromise speed in order to accommodate more content, nifty functionality or better aesthetics, you’re wrong.

Several studies have repeatedly revealed that site bounces increase with every additional second a page requires to load. Surprisingly, your website visitors care more about page load time than all the sparkling graphics your site offers. Page speed has become a key factor when it comes to SEO and user experience. A fast site ranks better as site speed is an important ranking factor.

Focus on mobile accessibility

How your website responds to a mobile user determines a lot about your website visibility. Mobile accessibility has been an important ranking factor for years. More than half of global search traffic comes from mobile. Therefore, you have to ensure a satisfactory experience for users who perform a search on their mobile device.

If your website isn’t fully functional on mobile, it’s high time to focus on mobile accessibility. Websites that offer incredible mobile experiences perform exceptionally well in terms of SEO and conversion. If you haven’t yet made mobile a priority in your digital marketing strategy, make it now or your search visibility will continue to suffer.

Create good content

Content is probably the most dominant factor when it comes to optimizing a site for search engines. Your business site needs unique, relevant, and engaging content in order to perform well both in terms of SEO and lead generation as well as sales. Since SEO and content creation requires time and effort, it’s advisable to hire a result-driven digital marketing agency that can produce high-quality content while implementing an effective SEO strategy.

Improve your website’s usability

Before you think about developing an effective SEO strategy, try to understand how search engines really work. Google and other search engines compete with each other in order to serve web users – more searches means more revenue from ads. The best way for a search engine to excel is to provide quality results to user queries. This is why search engines algorithms reward those websites that provide a great user experience.

From site navigation and speed to onsite content and overall site structure, user experience and usability encompass many factors. Simply put, try to understand how your target audience likes to use a website, and then address all the issues that could potentially hamper your website users experience.

In the early years of web search, it was relatively easy for businesses to rank high in search results. However, modern SEO demands a sound strategy, high-value content and excellent user experience.

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