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How To Promote Your Website Other Than Google Ads

May 29, 2020

Google Ads is a useful online advertising platform where digital advertising experts display their short advertisements, product or service offerings, and other relevant content to billions to web users. There’s no match for Google Ads when it comes to paid online searches, where millions of businesses take advantage of billions of daily searches in order to increase online traffic to their website.

It’s common knowledge that Google dominates the paid online advertising industry. Still, you cannot depend solely on Google Ads as they have some considerable downsides. If you’re starting fresh on these ads, you might struggle to get desirable results due to limited funds. Also, there’s intense competition among advertisers on Google Ads, and bids are usually quite expensive.

Now, we’ll present you with some Google Ads alternatives that you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy to promote your website and increase your ROI.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the second most popular online advertising model that allows advertisers to target their potential customers in more detail. Facebook lets you set three different dimensions to stimulate your campaign – interests, demographics, and geographic information of your target audience.

This type of advertising mode is quite peculiar and utilizes an increasingly precise targeting system compared to Google Ads. Facebook displays ads to your target customers based on their likes and preferences. Advertisements by Google are based on keywords your target audience searches for their historical user preference. Last but not least, Facebook Ads cost 1/3rd of the total costs of Google Ads.

Microsoft Advertising

Previously known as Bing Ads, Microsoft advertising incorporates the search inventory of two search engines – Yahoo and AOL. Although these platforms are utilized quite a bit less than Google, there’s still a considerable number of valuable users found on these search engines and their syndicated search partners.

Microsoft advertising usually comes with lower cost-per-click (CPCs) than Google Ads, but also a smaller volume of online traffic.

Twitter Ads

Twitter advertising is easy to set up and requires a small amount of money to bring its users substantial online traffic and revenue. You can even control your spendings on Twitter Ads according to your daily budget. Generally, there’re three significant goals you can target with your Twitter Ads – to grow your follower base on Twitter, drive online traffic and conversions to your websites, and generate more leads.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is considered to be the home of the social media influencers these days. Being increasingly popular with millennials, Instagram is all about viral marketing and lifestyle products. Instagram has over 500 million active monthly accounts; it helps digital advertisers display advertisements in the form of pictures, videos, stories, and other options within the app.

Using Instagram Ads, you can utilize similar features to Facebook Ads such as interests, demographics, and location of the target audience. Nonetheless, unlike Facebook advertising, Instagram Ads are increasingly interactive with “swipe up” call-to-actions (CTAs), buttons, sliders, and interactive polls.

Instagram is exceptionally famous with fashion and makeup brands and allows these businesses to take their products to their intended audience much better than Google Ads.

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