Online Marketing Tips for Christmas and New Year

Online Marketing Tips for Christmas and New Year

December 23, 2016


Christmas and New Year bring in a huge opportunity to take advantage of the holiday season. The number of people who shop online for holiday season is definitely on the rise: the spending behavior of online shoppers has been mounting over the past few years.

While the online sales continue to multiply, some online sellers and marketers still struggle to achieve their holiday objectives. What holiday marketing strategy do you think you need to implement to connect with all those potential holiday shoppers? What sort of marketing adjustments do you need to make in order to outsmart your competitors? These are some of the holiday marketing tips you should not hesitate to follow.

(1) Readjust Your Online Presence

It is always a good plan to introduce few exceptional holiday marketing ideas to stand out and convey the message to your buyers that you are ready for the holiday season. Some of the best ideas to customize your online identity are:

  • Introduce an updated version of your website to embrace the season. A mundane and outdated website is unlikely to work.
  • Display your perfect holiday item to grab the attention of holiday shoppers
  • Update your social media presence by changing profile pictures and banners that align well with the holiday season.
  • Be creative. Add some Christmas colors to your logo and make it more relevant to the holiday spirit.

(2) Launch An Extensive Social Media Campaign

Most of the online buyers like to read reviews and ask questions on social media before making a purchase decision. Therefore, present your brand on different social media channels in a best possible way. Timing is crucial when it comes to making social media posts. It is recommended to use automated tools to manage the social media campaign.

(3) Leverage Email Marketing

Many businesses use to send thousands of emails to their potential clients during the holiday season. How can you stand out and get noticed? Start working on your email marketing campaign well before the holiday rush. Let your buyers know about your best sales item in advance. Offer a valuable treat, such as free shipping, to your online shoppers.

(4) Create An Excellent Mobile Shopping Experience

Mobile devices have generated more than 52% of the online sales last year. The number is expected to rise this year. Therefore, make sure your visitors receive a great mobile shopping experience. Try to find and fix your customer’s pain points when they shop online on a mobile device. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Understand the online shopping behavior of your prospects and get the most out of your online presence during Christmas and New Year. Come up with some brilliant ideas and make your holiday online marketing campaign highly successful.

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