Making Lead Generation More Meaningful

Making Lead Generation More Meaningful

December 9, 2015


Audience no longer wants their attention bought, they want it earned. Holds true specially for inbound marketing. Arousing interest and motivating people to build the sales pipeline becomes less painstaking if we can keep the whole process purposeful. With the advent of social media and digital marketing, buyers have a lot of information at their disposal. With the abundance of readily-available data on a product or service, businesses are in dire need to make their lead generation process more meaningful and relevant to their business purpose.

Know Sales inside out

A good practice is to let your sales team show you the sales process clearly. Understanding the process thoroughly will make you well aware of the obstacles and pain points in lead generation. These insights can help you generate leads in ways you hadn’t thought before. Keep collaborating with the sales team and see the break-down of sales process.

Diligently draft the marketing message

Simplify the marketing message. Balance out the creative freedom with the beauty of simplicity. Otherwise your effort to make a point will go down the drain. When a customer comes across your website, you have a short window of opportunity. The content on your website is not easy to understand in the initial seconds and the potential buyer is gone in a flash. Whatever the business, customers need to know what is in it for them? Not just what is in it?Make sure that the content is addressing the right needs. Avoid intimidating long messages. Refine the content and the timing.

Time and Channels

One way of communicating with the potential customers is through the website – an ambassador of yours that never sleeps. What you say there really matters. The Sales team, on the other hand, needs to work out not just the right communication message but also the timings. When is the right time to open a deal and when is it necessary to close it? Find out which communication channels give best conversion. Where are you getting most of the audience from?

Keeping the above ideas in mind will make the lead generation team stay purposeful,  so they can quickly turn prospects into sales-ready leads.

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