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What Is A Logo To Your Business?

May 8, 2020

A logo is what the audience associates with your brand name. It makes a strong impression on your audience and potential clients’ minds. A great logo makes the audience remember you and build a strong association of the logo with your business. A great logo is sometimes even sufficient to bring in customers alone, without them even knowing any details of the brand name or services. For them, the logo is enough to convey the message and business details.

There are different types of logos, depending on what style and technique designers use to create them. Let’s discuss the types of logos in this blog.

Abstract Mark

An abstract mark is a kind of logo that reflects a bigger picture, a larger image, or idea from which the brand owners have derived the brand name. It doesn’t necessarily denote or represent anything that directly shows the brand name, or anything that gives you a direct unassisted idea of the brand itself.

One practical use of an abstract mark as a logo of a business is for a large company in which there are various divisions, genres, and types of companies. It becomes impossible to relate to so many things by one logo. To handle such a situation better, an abstract mark would correctly represent a diverse and multidimensional business.

The only problem with an abstract mark is that it’s more challenging to design something that doesn’t directly represent the brand name or identity and yet remains exclusive in today’s oversaturated and competitive world.

Pictorial Marks

Pictorial marks are more of a direct and relatable image that represents the brand name in a somewhat straightforward and direct manner. It is, then, designed in a simplified and creative way. Pictorial marks either directly refer to the brand name, such as Apple, or any service/product of the brand.

Pictorial marks enable the audience not to put in much effort to relate which business the specific logo refers to. It may or may not include the brand name.


An emblem is a kind of logo that has a brand’s name, which connects to the pictorial element in a way that the two cannot be detached. A very suitable example of such a logo is that of the Harley Davidson Motor company.

An emblem presents a graphical and verbal connection with the brand, and it shows the quality, integrity, and reliability of the brand. There’s a minimal margin of any confusion in the minds of the audience because not only the brand’s name is there but also an exclusively designed pictorial element to second it. It is a continuous picture or graphic which you cannot divide into pieces. One of the fascinating things is that it looks perfect when an emblem is embroidered over a uniform or safety apparel of employees.


Letterforms or letter marks are symbolic representations of a brand name’s initial letters or the first letter. One of the common examples can be that of McDonald’s. It just has a yellow letter ‘M’ representing the brand name McDonald’s.

Its advantage is that it’s just a simplified short form. But a drawback can be the increased need for advertising to make people relate to the brand in less time, much like an abstract mark.


These are also known as logotypes. Designers make these logos by typing the brand name in an exclusively designed font and style, which becomes its identity. The entire brand’s name becomes the logo of the brand.

There is no brand recognition problem with wordmarks. If there is not much effort and creativity involved, it can be a very generic logo with no mnemonic value to the brand.

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