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Google’s Bert Update Demands Intent-Based Seo Content

December 13, 2019

All business websites strive to get top rankings in Google search results. The reason for this is because Google accounts for over 90% of all searches done on the internet. It may sound like Google is a bit ruthless and might not be playing fair with its competition. This is not the case at all.

Google is the only search engine that has been able to evolve from a simple algorithm to a phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning which drives a global industry. If that is not enough, google has a maximum number of users that convert and actually buy from your business. This means that Google plays a vital role in global economics.

Bert Basics

Google has gained this much market share by doing one thing, solve queries of the search user. Tech gurus of Google actually update their algorithms and perform other minor tweaks multiple times each day. All these changes are done to assist the user query better than ever before.

Google searches are done by keywords and now voice command is gaining traction as well. Bert is actually a Google update that further reinforces the impact of keywords on the search engine based on the intent behind the use of those keywords entered by a user. This affects search engine optimization directly and quite significantly.

RankBrain Accommodating Bert

Before Bert, RankBrain was the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that used to determine what search results should be displayed, based on the user keywords or the voice command given by the user. Now the same AI system uses Bert to determine a search result by adding the possible intent behind the use of those search results. This may sound like a small thing but the technology behind this update is actually quite significant.

Before Bert, the results were lacking a possible reason for the search and lacked any correlation with the intent of a user.

Bert assists the Google search AI system in learning about the intent of a user and will actually help in finding the result even faster than before with more accuracy. This means that the content that is written and displayed on websites with clear intent or has direct and simpler messaging will be ranked better with Google and hence will have a better chance to show up at the top of the search results.

Bert Demands

In order to rank better in the search results, we must be able to address the demands of Google and to be more precise in relation to Berts demands. To provide a simple example, imagine searching for “2019 brazil traveler to usa need a visa” before the Bert update you would find results showing (US citizens can travel to Brazil without a visa) even though the user wants to travel to the US from Brazil. After Bert, the results are more specific and result orientated which ended up showing results of (US Consulates in Brazil).


Therefore, we must produce content that is search engine optimized and shows clear intent to better respond to the users rather than machine-friendly blunt content calling out for sales. In order to achieve a better content creation strategy, we must make sure that our content is having the following characteristics:

  • Search oriented titles
  • AI friendly keywords
  • User-oriented message
  • Context-based information


Staying up to date with Google’s algorithm updates can be difficult. As it demands a deep understanding of the change and asks for the agility to actually perform on a regular basis. Especially if you are creating mass content for different industries online. In this aspect, we must encourage content that is more user-friendly having an intent to help a person in a contextual situation.

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