Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads - Which One Should I Use In 2020

Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads – Which One Should I Use In 2020?

August 6, 2020

Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) and Facebook Ads are two of the top online advertising platforms. For most businesses, it’s a common question; which one is better, advertising on Google or Facebook? Google is the leading search engine operator with over 3.5 billion searches per day, while Facebook is the most prominent social media platform, with over 2.6 billion monthly active users.

Google Ads are generally displayed in Google search results and websites falling under the Google network. On the other hand, Facebook Ads get posted on Facebook, Instagram, and other websites falling under the social media channel’s network. Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads offer behavior and demographic targeting, while Google Ads also lets you target your potential clients through keywords.

Using Google Ads

Google is the world’s leading and increasingly popular model used for PPC advertising. Pay-per-click PPC ads, also known as paid ads, appear at the top and bottom of the search engine results pages, and between them are organic/SEO-based search results. Google Ads are specifically tagged with the word ‘Ad,’ which represents paid content.

These ads get delivered to your target audience through various networks, including Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Google Play, Google Maps, and YouTube.

Targeting Your Audience With Google Ads

When running a Google advertising campaign, you can target your audience by focusing on content features such as content topics, keywords, ad placements, and audience demographics and location. Keyword targeting (choosing the right keyword) is one of the best Google Ads strategies when using Google Search Network (a group of search-related sites and apps where your ads will appear).

It’s best to focus on long-tail keywords that contain three or more words that will drive the most relevant leads for your campaign. Advertisers make bids on specific keywords to get their advertisements visible in relevant search results. The bid set by you is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay each time a prospect clicks on your ad, also known as cost-per-click CPC.

Types Of Google Ads You Can Create

Using Google Ads, you can create a variety of advertising campaigns, including text, image, responsive video, call-only, app, shopping, and more. The particular ad format you should select among these will largely depend on the nature of your target audience, products or services, and goals.

Reasons To Use Google Ads

Google Ads are most effective when you want to target leads that convert. Visitors from PPC Ads are 50% more likely to convert as compared to those coming from organic content. These leads know precisely what they are looking for and are searching for the right business to fulfill their needs.

A relevant Google Ad can help these visitors select your business to make a purchase. They will click on your PPC Ad and see what you’re offering; if you’re a good fit, you’ll get more conversions. You can even bring back prospects interested in your product or service earlier and convert them with accurate remarketing on Google Ads.

Cost Of Using Google Ads

Google Ads are generally more costly as compared to Facebook Ads. The precise cost of utilizing this form of advertising depends on which CPC bracket you choose. If you fall into a higher ‘Cost per click’ CPC bracket, it will become more expensive for you to run your marketing campaigns via Google Ads.

Benefits Of Using Google Ads

Some of the benefits you can get from utilizing Google Ads include reaching more leads for your business, using various kinds of advertising, bidding on millions of keywords, and earning positions based on relevancy.

Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a type of paid social advertising that is visible to your users in their news feeds. These advertisements are specifically tagged with the word ‘sponsored’ which represents paid content. You can use Facebook Ads to make your business visible in front of your interested leads.

These ads are delivered to your target audience via social media networks, including Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. You can place your paid social ads on Facebook on the locations, including newsfeed, marketplace, right column, suggested video, instant articles, and stories.

Targeting Audience With Facebook Ads

When running a Facebook advertising campaign, you can target your audience based on users’ interests, location, behaviors, demographics, and connections. These advertisements specifically function based on your responses and the interests of your target audience. Those interested in your offering will be shown your paid social ads, helping your business connect with the right leads.

Types Of Facebook Ads You Can Create

Using Facebook Ads, you can create a wide range of advertising campaigns, including images, videos, slideshows, instant experiences, and collections.

Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are most effective when you want to target new leads and to look to gain increased brand exposure. These ads don’t always convert your leads, but they do make them follow your page or visit your website. In short, Facebook Ads are a great way to earn more leads for your business.

Some additional reasons to use Facebook Ads include increased online traffic to your website or Facebook Page, enhanced engagement on a Facebook post, increased video views, and more interaction with prospects.

Cost Of Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are generally less expensive to use than Google Ads. ‘Cost per click’ CPC of these ads ranges from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on your industry.

Benefits Of Using Facebook Ads

Some of the benefits you can get from utilizing Facebook Ads include accessing high-quality data, creating lookalike audiences, using Facebook’s visual elements, and earning a high conversion rate.

Final Verdict

Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads offer value for money. No matter if you operate in a B2C or B2B sector, you can use any of these advertising tools to increase your brand awareness, enhance your outreach to your target customers, and grow your online sales. The final selection will depend on several factors, including your budget, brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, engagement, sales, and more.

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