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How GMB Can Benefit Your Company

May 15, 2020

Google searches have been on the rise since forever, and it’s definitely not slowing down! It has helped millions of businesses convert their leads into sales and has also caused many companies to close down because of ineffective digital marketing.

Google’s sophisticated and complicated algorithm, along with high competition, makes it difficult to land on the first page of Google, which drives maximum sales.

However, with the launch of Google My business, things have become pretty easy for all the local shops and businesses.

Google My Business or GMB is a google tool launched in 2014. It has since been called “local business’s best friend” which helps businesses get found on the first page.

Here we discuss why creating, verifying, and optimizing your business profile on Google My Business is an invaluable opportunity you need to take advantage of.

Provides High Visibility

Have you ever noticed the highly visible map along with the list of business names that appear on the top right corner of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) when you search for places or products on Google? That’s called Local Pack, and it’s Google My Business’s most significant advantage for companies.

This area is very established now, with almost 95% of people who search for something on google clicking one of the top GMB results. Therefore, to sell your services, it is of extreme importance that you appear on this page, and GMB makes that easy for you.

Not only does it provide high visibility on the first page but it also gives your potential customers all the necessary information they might want to access.

Shows Google Star Rating

Google star ratings and authentic reviews are an excellent way to entice your potential online customer.

With so many companies selling the same thing, and the increasing number of fraud online, it has become extremely difficult for people to trust anyone. This is why google reviews from previous clients can sometimes become the deciding factor. Reading good reviews helps build trust in a brand, and they feel comfortable purchasing from them.

GMB provides the perfect feature to cater to this need of both the customers and the businesses. It allows customers to leave a review and enables companies to show them off to new potential customers. If you can fully utilize this feature of GMB, it can have a significant impact on your sales.

Provides Cost-Effective Marketing

Many businesses only dream of crawling onto the first page of Google, and even after spending thousands of dollars on AdWords, they still can’t achieve enough organic leads which they can convert into sales. Whereas in Google My business, you can optimize your profile, and even with the slightest of effort and with zero amount of money, you can appear on Google’s first page. If you’re providing valuable service and you have good reviews, then there is no doubt you’re going to sell your services to your potential clientele from a good GMB listing.

The tool costs zero dollars to advertise local businesses and it is absolutely free. It’s excellent for companies that are just starting out and have a limited budget.

GMB is a powerful digital marketing tool for small and big businesses alike. Not only is it free, but it also provides many valuable features that strengthen brand image and increase their sales. However, it should be kept in mind that it should not be the only thing that’s benefiting your business. Along with GMB, it is essential to invest in other digital marketing tools to fully explore your business potential.

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