Why Does Your Business Really Need to Have a Web Presence?

Why Does Your Business Really Need to Have a Web Presence?

August 9, 2017

As technology continues to evolve, businesses cannot afford to remain static and old-fashioned. Considering the buying behavior of modern consumers, it is crucial for companies to take their business online and create a strong web presence. Following are some reasons why you should make your presence felt on the internet:

  1. Accessibility: Having a web presence means you are allowing your audience to search your products and services 24/7. An online store, for example, allows people to place online orders anytime they are ready.
  2. Competition: A professional site can put you in a position where you can think about competing with the big brands in your industry. If people can’t find you on the web, they will find your competitors.
  3. Brand building: Online marketing is a great way to improve the identity and repute of your brand. A strategically healthy online branding strategy is an effective way to get more exposure for your brand.
  4. Credibility: A solid web presence certainly enables you to improve the credibility of your brand. The internet offers endless opportunities to grow your network and connect with new customers every day.

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Does your business, no matter the size, really need to be online? The fact that more than 90% of consumers today use the internet to search local businesses makes it clear that having an online presence is crucial to your business. Let’s discuss three of the key elements of an effective web presence and how these elements can have an impact on your business’s growth.

A good website

Having a business site was probably a luxury ten years ago. Now, in 2017, it has become a necessity since most of the consumers are inclined to search products and services on the web. You are losing hundreds of potential customers if you don’t exist on the web. Creating a user-friendly site should be your first step towards building a highly profitable online presence. Keep the ingredients of a good business site in mind before starting web development. Some of the basic characteristics of a good site include speed, visually appealing graphics, mobile-first design, rich content, persuasiveness, and smooth & seamless user experience.


Your business site is the focal point where your potential and existing customers can learn about your brand and offers. Building a strong site is the first step. Then, you must optimize your site for search engines so that it ranks in the upper echelon of SERPs. This process is called search engine optimization. An SEO expert can make things easier for you by addressing all the technical aspects with minimum risks or failure. An impeccable application of SEO techniques can take your site from ground zero to the top page of a search engine. Creating valuable and relevant content on regular basis can dramatically improve your online identity and your position in SERPs.

Social presence

Social media has become a vital component of online marketing. Nothing is more powerful than social media when it comes to engagement and interaction. It is surely a great idea to join social channels and address the concerns of your audience. Share engaging content on carefully chosen social media platforms to boost the effectiveness of your web presence.

One of the best features of online marketing is that you can track your efforts and results. You should utilize insights to modify or improve your web presence to maximize ROI. There are more than just a few strong reasons why your business should be on the web. If you are not sure where to start, consult our digital marketing experts today!

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