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Essential Digital Marketing KPIs To Track For Your Next Campaign

February 23, 2023


The importance of using digital marketing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy is probably something you already know. A crucial first step in determining the return on investment of your various marketing efforts is selecting the right digital marketing agency.

But how do you know where to start or what to change if you need to try something new when there are so many options to choose from and so many businesses undergoing digital transformations?

For a helpful breakdown of the most crucial KPIs for digital marketing, as well as suggestions on how to choose them for your initiatives, campaigns, and communications, keep reading.

What Are The Best KPIs To Use For Digital Marketing?


Start by focusing on a small number of important metrics. This includes conversion rates or visitor conversion rates, which you know are good indicators of the health of your company. From there, you can decide if you’ll need an analytics tool or if you can manage the metrics by hand alone.

Here are four crucial KPIs for digital marketing that you must monitor to succeed analytically.

1 – Traffic From Organic Search


The percentage of website traffic that originates from organic search will be precisely measured by this KPI. You may be able to link your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to the organic traffic coming to your website. You’ll know that your content is performing well if it has a healthy amount of organic traffic as it is valuable, relevant, and engaging.

These KPIs will assist you in determining the source of your organic traffic and enable you to make adjustments to produce more pertinent, SEO-rich branded campaign content, such as

  • Amount of leads converted with the help of organic search
  • Sales affected by organic search
  • percentage of traffic volume attributable to branded keywords
  • Percent of traffic derived from non-branded keywords

2 – The Conversion Rate For Websites Or Landing Pages


Whether you’ve developed a dedicated and fantastic landing page as part of your campaign or are sending prospects to specific pages on your website, it’s imperative to understand how each is performing in terms of conversions. You can identify potential weaknesses or strengths by getting a sense of your conversion rates and comparing these metrics to those of other pages on your website.

You’ll be able to apply this strategy elsewhere and achieve similar success. These metrics will also enable you to gauge how valuable, user-friendly, and engaging your content is to your intended audience:

  • Bounce rate
  • Duration of a typical session
  • Goal conversion rates: According to your goals and objectives, this metric demonstrates when a prospect has successfully accomplished a niche campaign goal.

3 – Cost Per Click (CPC)


CPC is a useful digital marketing KPI as it provides a transparent pricing structure that will enable you to create the most effective and cost-effective campaigns possible. With the aid of this KPI, you can see how much money you typically spend on pay-per-click (PPC), display ads, and retargeting.

The goal is to gradually increase your CPC, which will lead to more effective, efficient, and cost-effective campaign activities. Here are two additional KPIs you should monitor in this area:

  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Customer lifetime value (CLTV)

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4 – Return On Investment (ROI)


Knowing the value of tracking your ROI for each and every one of your initiatives or activities as a data-savvy digital marketer will be second nature to you. Your digital marketing ROI determines how effectively you can spend your money on a specific campaign. You can find out if your investments are paying off by digging deeper into this metric.

An impressive ROI indicates the effectiveness of your campaign spending. If your ROI is low, you will be able to examine your weakest points and make changes.

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