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Digital Marketing: Expectations Vs Reality

December 23, 2021

Digital marketing has revolutionized how business owners advertise their brands online. Social media platforms and digital marketing have made it easier for you to target your audience. Digital marketing has given you more ways to build your brand, grow your business and generate leads.

However, with all this hype business owners have started expecting a lot from different digital marketing techniques. However, there is a certain way things are done, and you cannot build a reputation online in one night. It takes a few months before netizens start recognizing you and your content starts popping up in search engines organically.

Due to some misconceptions, people start to expect too much from digital marketing. This makes them feel disappointed with their digital marketing platform.

When you don’t get the desired result it does not mean that your digital marketing was ineffective but it means that you have the wrong expectations from it. There is a big difference between reality and expectations. Hence when you start digital marketing you need to have a clear understanding of what the realities of it are.

Digital marketing trends are forever changing, so along with knowing the reality you also need to keep a close eye on the trends of digital marketing in 2021. In this blog, we will explore the expectations marketers have from digital marketing and what the actual reality is.

More Traffic Means More Conversions

In digital marketing, traffic is the most important element to generate leads and to grow your business. So for people, it makes sense that more traffic means more conversion. But in reality, this is not the case.

Because in reality, you don’t only want traffic, you want the right traffic. The difference between traffic and the right traffic is that you want people who are interested in your brand. For instance, if you are a digital marketing agency you would want people who are interested in digital marketing to be your audience not a group of people who for example are looking for cleaning products.

So it does not mean that if your site has more traffic you will have more conversion. The reality is you can bring thousands of people to your site but if they are not interested in your brand you won’t earn a dollar.

Digital Marketing Is Only For Big Companies

Whether you have a big or small business that has nothing to do with digital marketing. The only thing that matters is that if you are running a business and selling your products or services you need to be on the internet. Once your business is online then digital marketing is very essential for your business.

In today’s world everyone needs to have an online presence, because when you are selling products and services to people the first thing they do is look for you online and gather information. So you need to create an online presence of your brand with digital marketing. You can do digital marketing yourself if you have the skills and knowledge or hire a professional who has the experience and knowledge.

It does not matter whether your business is big or small, the only thing that matters is whether it is online or not. People now prefer to buy everything from the comfort of their homes. So without having an online presence your business won’t excel.

Hence the reality is digital marketing is for every business.

Paid Ads Will Bring Profit Right Away

Another expectation that people have is that paid ads will bring them conversion right away. Paid ads indeed give you more chances to get conversations because it is easier to target people with them. But it is not guaranteed that you will get conversions right away. So anyone who guarantees that you will get a positive ROI is not telling you the truth.

If you want more conversion you need to make sure that you are creating the right ads and showing them to the right audience. If you don’t have the knowledge then it is better to hire a professional digital marketer to do the job for you.

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