Can your Small Site Win the SEO Battle Against Giant Competitors?

Can your Small Site Win the SEO Battle Against Giant Competitors?

December 9, 2016


It may seem like an impossible task, for a small business website, to compete with a large business website. The good news for small businesses is that they can compete with them in SEO. In this blog post, I will highlight the areas in SEO where a small site can compete against big sites.

In developed countries, almost every business, small or big, has a web presence. The competition to get ranked in top search engine results pages (SERPs) has become fierce. Being a small business, you are likely to face that competition. It is possible that your competitors have been around for many years and have worked hard to get visible on the web. So how can you, with limited budget and resources, build online domination?

(1) Focus on a niche and target long-tail keywords

You might think that it is better to cover as many areas and keywords as possible to get visible in searches. In the presence of big competitors, it is recommended to select and focus on a specific niche. That means you need to focus on a handful of keywords.

Try to figure out keywords that your big competitor is unable or unwilling to target. Do not be shy to use long-tail, comparison or editorial keywords. It is easier to rank high for long-tail keywords rather than ranking high for short keywords. Google gives importance to long-tail keywords.

(2) Build direct relationships with your audience

Big brands usually have a PR team that interacts and engages with people. As a small business, you can build direct communication with your selected audience. Large businesses start losing portions of their personalities after reaching a certain point. But, being a small brand, you can afford to be more personal with your potential customers. Build a strong social media presence where you can engage with people and promote your business.

(3) Target local audience

Being the best plumbing service in Edmonton is better than being an OK plumbing service on a national scale. By targeting the local audience, you can create another opportunity to beat the competition. Even if your business operates on a national level, you can still optimize for a specific local area. Create quality local-optimized content by using local-specific keywords.

(4) Publish quality content

Content publication is a very useful tool to build brand loyalty, credibility, and awareness. Many businesses use their on-site blog to publish content; articles, videos, webinar and other forms of content. Quality and consistency play a vital role in making a content strategy successful. Make sure you publish quality content and maximize its reach.

There is no magic trick or shortcut to be at the top of search engine rankings. With consistent work and perseverance, you can certainly overcome your competitors in specific areas. You might not rank for as many keywords as your competitors do. But you can beat them in relevance for your chosen areas.

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