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6 Blogging Mistakes That Your Digital Agency Should Avoid

January 6, 2023


Digital marketing is a challenging business to master. It’s easy to make mistakes with complex strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and paid advertising. However, there is one aspect that is equally important and easily overlooked, and that is blogging.

Blogging seems simple, but it is not always easy — and far too many businesses get into it thinking that by publishing some content, all the traffic and leads will pour in.

Writing blogs to drive organic traffic requires planning and commitment. In other words, it won’t happen without a plan, and it will not produce instant success. On the other hand, inbound marketing can drive incredible revenue growth for your business. Professional digital marketing agencies have a framework to follow and the dedication to propel your business to success.

As you produce high-quality content, keep these common business blogging blunders in mind that can doom your blog and undermine your success. Here are six mistakes that your agency should steer away from if you want your business to flourish.

Your Website Does Not Have A Blog


Remember that you are not only attempting to market your site as a business but also as a trusted industry leader. Publishing blog content that is valuable, informed, and easily accessible will establish you as a trustworthy voice. Furthermore, each blog post is another indexed page for your site, and more indexed pages mean your site will appear higher in Google search results.

It is not enough to just create a blog; it must also be interactive. To get responses, post questions in the comments section. Include guest posts or interviews with researchers or successful professionals in your field, as well. Use this blog post writing guide to consistently produce the most impactful posts.

Inconsistent Posting On Your Blog


Consistency is the key to blogging success. You’re sending a message to potential clients if you only post once in a while or go through a period of high activity followed by months of radio silence. A lack of consistency can be interpreted in one of three ways:

  • You do not complete projects
  • You quickly become bored and move on to the next shiny object
  • You are too busy or overwhelmed to keep up with a blog (which may lead a client to believe you will be too busy for them)

The moral of the story is that if you’re going to have a blog, you should post regularly.

Choosing The Wrong Subjects


Too often, agencies post about topics that are interesting to them but not to their target audience. Rather than writing about yourself or your company, share information that answers your audience’s questions. Keyword research is one method for discovering relevant topics.

Request that your team share the most frequently asked questions on sales calls or in meetings. Enter a topic (relevant to your business) into the Google search bar and look for ideas in the “People Also Ask” section. Visit a site like Answer the Public, type in an inquiry, and see related keywords for a wealth of information.

The key to selecting appropriate topics is to enlighten your audience by responding to their questions using blogs. Experts in digital marketing agencies provide specialized SEO services to generate more traffic toward your website.

Underutilized Keyword Research


Potential customers must be able to find you online, so SEO is essential. Determine which keywords are most relevant, have a high search volume and are relatively simple to rank for. Then, track where you rank for each keyword, how much traffic you can get from each keyword, and whether visitors from that keyword convert into leads.

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Allowing Content To Become Stale


Digital marketing tools and tactics evolve at the speed of light, and to be credible, you must keep your content up to date. Permitting stale, outdated content to live on your website does you and your audience a disservice.

Keeping your blog content fresh can seem like a daunting task if you already have a lot posts on it, but these tips will help keep the job manageable:

  • Schedule time once a year to review content and ensure it is up to date.
  • Examine your Google Analytics and prioritize updates to the most popular posts.
  • Set a reminder for one year from the date of publication for each new post you publish.

Inadequate Website Design


A digital marketing-focused website should include a call to action and a well-optimized landing page. Any promotions or discounts should also be prominently displayed. You must have an informative and inviting website to convert visitors into fruitful leads.

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