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The Best Social Media Marketing Trends For 2019

August 9, 2019

The race to 5G is getting closer and exciting, which means that traditional marketing practices will be getting less attention than ever before. Businesses around the world are now aware that their target audience is present on social media platforms. Contemporary marketing approaches simply cannot sustain or justify the ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) businesses may anticipate or intend. In this scenario, the comprehensive and strategic solution is to achieve a one-window management operation to encompass all Social Media Marketing practices and corporate branding services. Such an approach will assure a competitive edge to any business.

Social media users have crossed the 3 billion user benchmark, this means that the world is present on various social media platforms. This allows digital marketers to tap into the huge market that is being evolved as time passes. Social media marketing is the least expensive marketing practice which assures maximum attention and retention for your target audience. Digital marketers have been focused on monetizing social media platforms for their clients since the past decade. However, the vast scope of services and mix of content requires a unique skill set and approach to manage such marketing practices.

Keeping in mind the potential of one-window social media marketing practice, the following guide can help you achieve achieve your business goals:

1. Candid Videos

Videos have become the most engaging and entertaining source of content on the internet. The potential of the videos on social media platforms is realized when most of the users choose to watch videos over other types of content. Using videos in social media marketing campaigns is perhaps the latest trend in digital marketing practices.

2. Streaming Live Videos

Again, the concept of videos in real-time or recorded will be the most interactive type of content being used for digital marketing practitioners and users combined. Videos can be used to cater to the following needs:

  • Tutorial Videos: Videos giving walkthroughs and educational content.
  • Coordination and Public Relations: Marketers can use videos to enhance brand awareness and engage the viewers to become more loyal to a brand.
  • Assurance in Product Reviews: Short videos that can enhance the viewers’ shopping experience not only promises an increase in sales but the overall trust of the customers is raised as they can witness the product quality first hand on their screens.

3. Use of Augmented or Virtual Reality Concept

The concept of virtual experience given to the users is taken as the next big thing in digital marketing practices. The example of Amazon allowing its customers to try the apparel on virtually or giving the audience a deeper experience by a property’s virtual tour is the wow factor of today.

4. Reviews on Social Media

Customers of today are more tech-savvy than ever before. This raises the level of utility they expect from the products or services they intend to buy. Reviews found on parent website do not seem to be enough for customers as they expect to find added value on their purchase. This allows the reviews mentioned on social media platforms to act as the missing element that such customers are looking for. The reviews mentioned on the social media platforms are more realistic and the customers feel more comfortable trusting them as they have real organic profiles of people which can further be communicated to.

5. Commerce on Social Media: The Call to Action Button

Social media platforms now also provide a call to action button just like a professional e-commerce based website. This allows customers to save time and provides value addition to their shopping experience. The call to action button increases the chance of a sale and further provides the ease of access to the customers that were not there before. The concept of the buy button is to provide the customer with instant access to buy something which benefits stakeholders in a business transaction.

6. Games that sell

Currently, the number of mobile-based gamers has been higher than ever before. In-game purchases have allowed digital marketers to further probe the use of social media platforms that not only engage the customers on multiple levels but the practice enhances the strategic marketing concept as well.

Various brands have already started to use mobile-based games to attract and convert new customers. The marketers in this sense not only enhance the use of social media platforms but they go beyond such platforms and literally access new markets that were never there before.

7. Data and Insights

The concept of learning consumer behavior has been heavily influenced by social media platforms. The quantity of the data being collected and the authenticity of the data has never been this much promising. This is another reason why social media marketing has become a practice that is being accepted on a global level.

8. Customized Content

The Internet gave the concept of big data since there is a huge amount of data on the internet. Users can’t address all the content they may receive. In this sense, the need to provide unique and personalized content is the key to engage and retain customers in the best way possible. It is believed that digital marketers are now focused on the needs of the customers and through that identification, the content is made to best suit a particular niche that will address the needs of the particular class of customers.

9. Target Based Campaigns

The diversity of social media platforms has also played an important role in raising the utility of digital marketing practices. Particular social media platforms can allow users to attract and target niche-based industries since the interest of users on LinkedIn remains different than the users of Instagram.

10. Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI has given another horizon of an automated response system that marketers are now linking with social media platforms. The concept of machine learning and automated response systems has not only increased the chance of better customer conversion but they can help in the business response system as well. Some examples of AI-based marketing practices are:

  • Suggestions and offers based on user experience
  • Customer support by chatbots
  • Automated generation of messages with machine-based learning
  • Errors and issues identification

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