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Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2022

January 14, 2022

Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2022

Social media is a double-edged sword. If utilized optimally, it can open new doors of opportunities for businesses. Contrastingly, a single innocent blunder can cost you both money and your prominence in the industry. This is evident from the outrage some renowned names received after making some wrong moves.

Undeniably, social media handling is not child’s play. But did you know that there are tools that can actually help you manage all your social media operations effectively?

The latter will not only save time and money but also enhance the efficiency of the overall social media marketing campaign. However, social media marketing involves numerous operations which may be a little hard to cover in one sitting. For this reason, in this blog post we shall suggest some tools that you can use for a few basic aspects of the whole process.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2022

Truly, hard work must be cherished. But hard work coupled with smart work saves time, money, and energy. Why stress yourself out over things that can be automated? On the other hand, leaving everything at the mercy of AI tools is also not a wise decision either. Our ultimate aim is to simplify the processes rather than completely automate it.

Let us briefly discuss a few tools that will make the job easier and more effective.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2022

1. Grammarly

Effective communication is undoubtedly key to the success of not only social media marketing but also the overall digital marketing campaign. As a result, the textual content of your marketing copy must be captivating and error-free. That is to say, your audience craves not only visually stunning content but also the charisma in your words.

Contrarily, grammatically faulty text induces a glitch for the reader. Missing full stops and commas, as well as misspelt words, might tarnish your public image.

This is where our first tool makes a grand entry. Grammarly is an incredible tool that helps you write error-free elevated content without having to battle with dictionaries. Amazingly, you can easily integrate the tool with google docs, MS Word, and even your social media. Yet, the best part is that you have the privilege to use the free or premium version as per your needs.

On the other hand, firms can get a subscription for Grammarly Business which specifically targets all your business needs. Gone are the days when you needed a stack of dictionaries by your side to enhance the level of your writing. Spell checks and synonyms are just a click away with this tool.

Hence, to enhance the quality of your marketing copy and blogs, Grammarly is a must-have for 2022.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2022

2. Unsplash

Well, the text is an important aspect of your marketing copy, your material will look dull without any aesthetically enticing images. Specifically speaking, a viewer’s eyes will firstly land on the picture in your marketing copy before reading your text. Hence, the quality of the image will either hook your reader or chase them away.

You can’t simply pick an image on Google and use it in your copy. After all, that would be ethically wrong, given the copyright restrictions and whatsoever.

Fortunately, Unsplash solves the above dilemma without a hassle. The latter is an image discovery platform that allows you to choose from a vast pool of high-quality images for free. So forget about copyright issues and complement your textual content with superior-quality images.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2022

3. Canva

Nevertheless, sometimes, a need to incorporate customized images arises. For example, you might want to add your business’s name to the picture or create an infographic for your audience.

In such circumstances, Canva can be of great help. Graphic design is a technically demanding subject, especially the tools used in the process. However, Canva allows you to literally design anything (logos, business cards, certificates, etc) without prior technical knowledge. You can use its free version or switch to premium to unlock more templates and features.

Amazing, right?

Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2022

4. Hootsuite

Unfortunately, none of the above would succeed without effective communication and collaboration amongst your marketing team itself. If the team gets confused about who is responsible for what, even the easiest tasks will become daunting and stressful. Mistakes will be inevitable and some of them may lead to the demise of the whole campaign.

To avoid such chaos, utilize Hootsuite to keep things organized. The latter is your one-stop-shop for all your social media management, scheduling, result monitoring, and task assigning needs.

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