5 Tips To Build An Effective Social Media Presence For Your Business

5 Tips To Build An Effective Social Media Presence For Your Business

January 11, 2019

Social media networks have developed into some of the most critical internet platforms for businesses. More than 2.5 billion people use social media, and that number is likely to increase in 2019 and beyond. While the battle for consumer attention is getting more intense, successful brands know how important it is to have a sound social media presence. If you are a business, there is a chance you’re on social media in some way or form.

It’s foolish to expect much from your social media efforts when you simply rely on hashtags or random links and shares. You need to have a well-thought-out and well-structured social media strategy which keeps your followers engaged and helps drives new business. Here are some tips for building a better social media presence for your business:

1. Establish SMART goals

Why did you create social media profiles for your business in the first place? If you want to have an effective and objective web presence, set smart goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, specific, relevant, and time-bound. Having a purpose or direction will help you create relevant content and avoid posting aimlessly.

2. Review your current presence

The first step in dramatically improving your social media strategy is to examine your current assets and how you’re using them. Step back and put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Analyze whether or not your social media presence is relevant to your brand goals. Point out networks where you get the most engagement and relevant traffic. You might find it right to give some channels up and concentrate where you get the more response.

3. Be human

When it comes to digital marketing, everything you build on the internet should have a strong personality. Coming off as a robotic, faceless corporation is a big mistake to make on social media. Make sure you adopt a human approach to communicate with your audience on social media. Many businesses crack jokes and love to talk to their followers on a more personal level. Show off the human side of your brand in order to build relationships rather than a list of followers.

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4. Use creative ways to delight your audience

It is useful to find exciting and creative ways to engage your audience while remaining relevant to your brand message. It is a good idea to have an editorial calendar that includes fun moments. For example, you can create an entertaining midweek video to bring joy to your social media users. Making more and more videos is a good way to strengthen your social media strategy.

5. Optimize your profiles

Unlike SEO, social media optimization is not a technical task. You can optimize your accounts through keywords and imagery. For instance, you can use your Instagram bio to advertise and let your brand’s voice be heard. Similarly, you can optimize your Twitter profile with the right imagery and mentions to establish authority and attract more followers.

Not sure where to start or don’t have the time to build or revive your social media presence? Hire a result-driven digital marketing agency that understands how to build and implement smart social media strategies.

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