5 Social Media Practices You Should Adopt to Instill Brand Loyalty

5 Social Media Practices You Should Adopt to Instill Brand Loyalty

August 17, 2017

Modern marketing tactics and intensity of competition drive businesses to focus more on quality in all of their marketing efforts including social media campaigns. Current trends suggest that It is more effective to have 100 strongly loyal followers than it is to have 50,000 followers who are not interested in your products or brand. Results depend on the quality of your followership on social media. What follows are 5 practices that would help you increase brand loyalty and the overall effectiveness of your social media campaigns:

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1. Respond with concise information

When people reach out to your brand on social media and ask questions, good or bad, you should listen and deliver concise and positive response in order to win their respect and increase your chances of getting new customers. A lack of response will leave an impression that you don’t really care. Moreover, be consistent with your responses. It would be a good idea to designate one expert, who understands your brand voice, to manage your social profiles.

2. Be consistent

Consistency is of great importance when it comes to social response. Different answers to the same question can harm your brand repute. As a business, it is vital to create and consistently display favorable traits to improve brand identity and familiarity among people. In other words, you should follow a consistent way to address your followers’ concerns. Consumers observe brands closely which makes it difficult for you to survive with a generic approach towards social media marketing. So, create your brand voice and be consistent with it.

3. Share and acknowledge

First: share valuable, relevant and high-quality content to inspire brand loyalty on social media. The engagement rate on your social profiles really depends on the quality of your content. Don’t forget to appreciate and share the good content produced by your followers.

Second: when people respond to your posts or express their opinions, acknowledge their responses. It would take a few seconds to say one or two complimentary words. This would mean a lot to a follower who genuinely likes your work.

4. Focus on customer service

Customers are inclined to share their experiences, pleasant or unpleasant, on social media. What people are saying about your brand and how you can improve customer service should be important to you. The quality of your customer service plays a crucial role in determining how consumers see your brand. Therefore, make sure you are offering your customers a great experience both off and online.

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5. Fix customer complaints

Social media is a great place where brands and consumers can express themselves freely. Angry customers do not hesitate to share their bad experiences on social media. A considerate approach can really turn those negative reviews and feedbacks into your favor. Be open to negative reviews and comments and take customer complaints seriously. Let your angry customers know that you are taking concrete steps to fix their issues and improve your service.

An interactive and effective social media campaign will surely lead to brand loyalty and increase ROI. Brand loyalty is the reward that you can earn by listening to and truly caring for your followers. Do not miss out the opportunity and make a good use of your social media presence by adding these 5 practices to your existing efforts.

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