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What Are The Constituents Of Digital Advertising?

October 29, 2020

Digital advertising is one of the digital marketing services that enable your business to reach people worldwide. You may think that digital advertising is the same as digital marketing. Well, the difference is the same as it is between marketing and advertising. It is crucial to know what constitutes digital advertising and how it advertises your brand in the digital world.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is the top professional and effective way of advertising your business on the internet. It results in your page or website being at the top of Google or Bing search results. Your link will appear with an ‘ad’ word. It points to the fact that you have opted for search engine marketing.

You can do this by bidding on keywords and your competitors. Businesses can either go for Pay Per Click (PPC) or select Cost Per Mile (CPM) and pay for the impressions and not the clicks.

Display Ads

Display ads contain images and text. A third party’s website publishes these display ads. Display ads run in affiliation with search engines or other networks that run the ads. Some websites can also host these ads on their own. Common examples of these display ads are banners, pop-up ads, images, mobile, and video ads.

The purpose of these ads is to directly catch the eye of your audience and intrigue them to click. These ads can make a difference if they are created, placed, and managed properly.

Social Media Ads

The number of people worldwide that spend most of their time on social media presents an excellent opportunity for businesses. You can market your brand by advertising on social media. You can create and post your ads on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, YouTube, and Reddit.

Advertising on social media platforms can result in all sorts of digital benefits for your businesses. Be it increased footfall on your retail store or website conversions. Social media ads are the best for your business. You can also get more lead generations, build a community, or enhance your app installations through social media ads.

Native Advertising

Native ads are not typical-looking ads. These ads most commonly appear as related searches, articles or blogs, recommended reading, and other phrases like this. These ads can appear on social media platforms or websites. These ads are usually placed at the bottom of the page.

These ads consist of the pages, websites, and links of the content that is related to your page. The relevance of these native ads with the topic under discussion on the page is key. If native ads are naturally and closely relevant to the current topic, there are more chances that people will click on the ads and go to the pages you want them to go to.

The reader of the current content only needs to click on the add to the advertiser’s website. The reader will get more valuable information, and the advertiser will get the click he needs. Native ads use websites that relate to content discoveries for routing. Some of the examples of such websites are Columbia, Taboola, and Outbrain.


The concept of remarketing is easy to understand through an example. Suppose you saw a product for sale on Amazon or any other e-commerce website. When surfing through your profile on a social media platform, you come across the same product and recall that you have already seen it on Amazon. This is what you call remarketing.

This is possible through the use of cookies that follow you on the internet. All the major social media platforms, and also Google offer this facility.

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