Web Development Trends To Gain A Competitive Edge in 2018

Web Development Trends To Gain A Competitive Edge in 2018

March 6, 2018

One thing is for sure that the internet will never cease to evolve and create new opportunities for businesses that focus on developing updated digital experiences for their audiences. As a business owner, if you want to maintain a sustainable online presence, you need a website that not only meets growing user expectations but also addresses emerging SEO requirements. This blog post will highlight some of the key web development trends that are likely to dominate 2018.

We know how important it is to understand and build online experiences that are relevant, fun, responsive, and intuitive. If you are planning to build or rebuild your business website, do not forget to incorporate the following elements into your site:

Customer support

In the last couple of years, chatbots have made considerable progress. It is predicted that 85% of all customer interactions will be facilitated through artificial intelligence. Improved online support and being connected to customers is more important than ever. Chatbots enable a business to have a 24/7 contact point for online users. It is certainly expensive to have 24-hour customer service department. So, it’s time to deploy smart chatbots that can answer complex questions, direct people to information, and help users complete a conversion process. Make sure you consider the use of chatbots in your next web development project.

Progressive web apps (WPAs)

According to Smart Insights, mobile apps account for 89% total mobile media time. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are web pages that appear to users like mobile apps. Creating app-like web experiences is likely to gain popularity in 2018 as people find PWAs more interactive. Reliability, near-instant loading, ability to work offline and receive push notification are some of the features of PWAs. Most of the big brands have not yet adopted this philosophy. However, it is important to embrace disruption early and be more innovative in order to gain a competitive edge.

Motion user interface

User interface has been a concern for web developers for years. The use of interactive animations and transitions to encourage users complete a conversion process has been a leading trend. Your website should be simple but not boring and directionless. Motion user interface allows you to add life to your site. It also offers ease of customization which can ultimately lead to a highly functional and stunning website. The right use of hovers, animated charts, background animations, and modular scrolling are some of the web development techniques that can bring your site back to life.

Single-page websites

The single-page website is a relatively new concept that offers a modern solution to simple needs. More and more businesses are choosing single-page sites over multi-page sites because of increasing demand for simplicity. The navigation on single-page site is based on scrolling or links that move up or down the page.

Push notifications

Push notifications are considered as one of the most powerful tools a mobile app can have. It is an effective way to drive user engagement. Recently, this idea has been incorporated into website development. Web notifications or push notifications can reach your users, even when they are not actively using your site, and bring them back. When it comes to delivering up-to-date information to users, push notifications beat social media and email. You have the chance to embrace this technology and make your website more profitable.

Conclusively speaking, things change quickly in the web development industry. As a business leader, your job is to make an optimum use of technology and be open to new trends. Look at the future now and keep searching out for new ideas and trends that can improve your online presence.

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