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Top Tips To Make Your Website User-Friendly

September 3, 2020

In today’s competitive world, attracting your target audience, selling your products or services to them, and converting them into your loyal customers is tough without creating a user-friendly website. The majority of businesses lose valuable visitors to their competitors because their websites lack to provide quality user experiences.

These days, websites are supposed to be a lot more than just text and information on a page. Users now expect your site to deliver high-quality and engaging content, and provide them with a spontaneous and comfortable experience. Good user experience is a combination of aesthetics, uniqueness, quicker load time, and other related factors.

Let’s discuss some of the ways you can make your website more user-friendly for improved user experience:

Keeping A Simple Navigation Scheme

Users should be able to find useful information on your site instantaneously via effortless navigation. If your visitors find it hard to navigate your site to take them to their desired info, you may want to redesign your navigation mechanism.

Ensure that all your navigational features are available to your users at a glance, with menu bars that are instantly visible to them. Remove any old acronyms and multiple layers present in your navigational menu. Keeping layers of sub-menus on your site renders a terrible user experience.

Maintaining a search box is vital for your website because of the significant number of navigation features. Your visitors will only need to type in a specific keyword in the search box to get relevant information without having to visit other pages manually. Make sure to provide some standard navigation buttons like ‘home, about us, services, contact us’ and more at the top of your site for quick and easy navigation.

Providing Readable Information

According to recent research, the majority of users don’t usually read a website thoroughly. Many visitors scan a site rapidly, which is why your web page must be scannable. To ensure maximum readability, present your content in small paragraphs of three to four lines to quickly catch your user’s eye.

To increase your text’s visibility, you can incorporate some contrast between colors, by choosing a background color that is different from your text color. Apart from that, you should choose a text font that is simple yet pleasing to the reader’s eye. Last but not least, use catchy formatting techniques such as headings, bullet points, and word highlighting.

Focusing On Quick Loading

One of the critical components that determine the user-friendliness of a website is its load time. If your website takes too much time to load, most users will leave instantly and never return to your site. According to the latest research, a user tends to leave a website if it takes more than ten seconds to load.

To enhance your website’s load time, remove all extra elements from pages that are no longer in use. Avoid posting too many images and videos on your web page as they will slow down your site tremendously. Ask your expert graphics designer to decrease the number of larger images and include fewer videos on your website.

Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Most searches come from smartphones instead of desktops these days. It’s vital to understand how your business web page appears and how easily mobile users can navigate it. Therefore, your site must be responsive not only for desktop users but also for mobile users.

Start with navigation buttons on your site that can easily be tapped on a small screen. Ensure your responsive design layout can create optimized images. This will help you get rid of scaling and bandwidth problems. Always prefer to utilize JPEG, PNG, or GIF image formats for improved user experience.

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