Tips to Make Your Content Marketing Efforts Greatly Successful in 2018

Tips to Make Your Content Marketing Efforts Greatly Successful in 2018

January 17, 2018

Tips to Make Your Content Marketing Efforts Greatly Successful in 2018

Businesses that have made considerable investments in content marketing in recent years are now reaping the harvest. The past year brought great success to companies which developed sound content strategies and focused on creating valuable content for their audiences. Better targeting in content distribution, strategy development, quality content, and marketing efforts are some of the major factors contributing to that success. According to a report published by Content Marketing Institute, 41% of B2B organizations were very committed to content marketing in 2017 and 83% of marketers considered the content strategy very effective in increasing revenue.

Now it’s high time to identify which parts of your old strategy worked and which parts did not. After that you can build a highly successful strategy to dominate 2018. It is super important to carefully scrutinize your content strategy to materialize growth in web traffic, leads and the number of loyal customers. If you are not considering the newest trends in content marketing, your brand will be left behind. Following are 4 tips that will make your content marketing efforts incredibly successful in 2018:

1. Video will keep growing

Over the last few years, the video has grown in popularity. If you have not yet leveraged the power of visuals and holding off on making videos, now is the right time. A report on HubSpot suggests that 48% of marketers are planning to add Youtube to their marketing plan in 2018. Smartphones have made it so easy and simple to create professional-looking videos without any complex editing software. It is recommended to create educational and entertaining video content in the start to create value for viewers and prospects.

2. Create content people love to engage with

In 2018, a successful content marketing strategy will focus on crafting interesting content people really want to engage with. A business should speak less of itself and more of what people might like. Paid advertising, promotional content, branded emails and posts are no longer as effective as they were in the past. Your efforts are likely to fall flat if you keep creating dull content with no value for consumers.

3. Be creative and personal

For the smart marketers, personalization creates a great competitive opportunity. With new communication channels popping up all the time, people’s needs and preferences are constantly changing. Creating personalized content is the only way to stay relevant and offer an excellent user experience that speaks directly to prospects and customers. We cannot treat everyone the same way. Content marketing is a unique online marketing opportunity that enables you to tailor messaging directly to and engage with the buyers.

Personalization demands a data-driven approach to content marketing. Targeted content boosting on social platforms like Linkedin and Facebook can ensure your personalized content reaches the right audience. During the development process, platforms like Contently can help you with insights and industry trends.

4. Influencer marketing continues to grow

People trust recommendations from people they know when it comes to making critical purchase decisions. They want expert opinions and follow them blindly. This is why influencer marketing has been so effective over the years. Content marketing and influencer marketing can work together to create new opportunities for businesses. Without relevant and quality content, influencers wouldn’t be able to promote your business. Moreover, the quality of your content should be up to par if you want to launch an effective influencer marketing campaign.

In order to be successful on the internet in 2018, you need to create innovative and shareable content. These 4 tips will definitely help you develop a highly successful content marketing strategy for your brand in this year.

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