Simple Techniques to Quickly Boost Your Organic Traffic

Simple Techniques to Quickly Boost Your Organic Traffic

September 29, 2017

Simple Techniques to Quickly Boost Your Organic Traffic

Stable, reliable and ongoing increase in organic traffic is one of the prime objectives of a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. It is not surprising to reach a point where your organic traffic levels off and does not increase further. The success of an online business relies heavily on organic traffic. Search Engine Journal reveals that 70% of the results users click on are organic and 70-80% of users ignore the paid Ads. You need Google for a sustainable online growth no matter how much you are spending on paid advertising.

Small fluctuations in traffic is a routine matter and this should not bother you. However, if the drop in visitors remained for more than a week, you should go ahead and start looking for reasons why your website traffic is dropping.

If your goal is to generate consistent organic traffic, then you definitely need a well-thought-out strategy in place. A half-hearted, run-of-the-mill approach towards SEO will not produce the desired results. Following are some of the useful methods to beef up visitors coming from search engines to your website.

Target long-tail keywords

It is a fact that good content can bring a dramatic increase in organic traffic. It wouldn’t happen unless you research and use targeted keywords. Driving more specific and relevant visitors would be much easier if you focus more on targeting long-tail keywords. If the goal is to connect with prospects who are searching for products and services by using more refined search terms, long-tail keywords will be more effective than popular keywords. A step-by-step guide to integrating long-tail keywords within blog posts will surely help you get thousands of organic visitors to your site.

Create Insatiable content

Directing your content marketing efforts in the right path can help you generate organic traffic. As long as you create enticing content optimized with backlinks and long-tail keywords, you will keep the traffic coming back for more. Your content marketing efforts should focus on creating posts with novel ideas, authentic resources, and helpful guides.

Connect with influencers

Locating and building relationships with influencers in your industry is a remarkable technique to generate highly relevant traffic to your site. Influencer marketing can expose a larger audience to your brand and result in a considerable spike in relevant traffic. It happens when influencers share your content across their social channels where it is seen by your audience.

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Utilize the power of Quora

Quora is a very popular platform where people love to ask questions. It offers a great opportunity to marketers and businesses to address relevant questions by plugging their relevant keywords into the search box.

Create infographics and presentations

Creating educational and valuable infographics and powerpoint presentations that people can link to will give you a chance to market your site to a large number of online users. Sharing content on Google-friendly platforms like Slideshare and Youtube will not only improve the visibility of your brand but also boost ranking of your site in SERPs.

These are some of the important techniques and platforms that you can follow and drive a large amount of organic visitors to your site and, resultantly, generate more leads and conversions.

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