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10 Signs You Hired A Good Digital Marketing Consultant

October 18, 2019

10 Signs You Hired A Good Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing is an ever evolving field. Therefore, digital marketing consultants should have some basic personality traits apart from their professional skill set, if they wish to do good in this industry. Considering most digital services are already overcrowded, digital marketing is also reaching its saturation point. It’s a universal understanding that when the competition is high consumers reap the benefits.

In this sense, successful digital marketing consultants are the ones that are client eccentric. Marketers that are doing well have a single agenda, the satisfaction of their clients by driving their sales, bringing in new leads and creating a positive digital brand image. All this is done in the digital marketing domain. It is, for this reason, we have researched and shortlisted ten simple signs that will help let you know if you have hired a good digital marketing consultant or not.

Existing Digital Presence Reports

A good digital marketer will research the current position of your digital presence on various platforms. This research will be converted into a comprehensive report that will be presented to you. It will highlight your weaker points while suggesting solutions. This way the digital marketer will let you know about room for improvement with regards to your digital marketing strategies.

Proposed Digital Marketing Strategies


Once you are aware of the weaker areas of your digital presence, a good digital marketer will propose to you some strategies that can enhance your presence on various digital platforms. If you already have a website, they may propose strategies according to the website. If you have some social media presence they can propose strategies to uplift your social media presence.

Expected Result Forecasts

Google-powered tools and social media tools can track your digital activity easily. This trajectory can be used to forecast results if certain practices are implemented. There are many third-party tools available as well with the digital marketing consultants who use them to prepare their marketing strategies.

Discuss Your Reservations


Once you have reports presented to you that show room for improvement and the proposed ways to improve them, you can discuss your opinions regarding them. A good digital marketing consultant will make sure that your opinions are addressed and in line with the solutions they propose. You will be included in the strategies made for your digital presence so that you are aware of the marketing practices at all times.

Strategize Including Your Needs

There is a direct and indirect need to include the clients in marketing strategies. Mainly because you need to be informed about the latest trends and the consultant needs to know what your aspirations are regarding your products or services. This synergy will mutually help both the parties to reach their end goals.

Weekly/ Monthly Performance Reports


Once the strategies are executed, it is important that your digital marketing consultant presents you with the performance of their efforts. The reports are actually ways to identify the ‘Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These indicators are then used to further enhance or revise the existing strategies.

Adapt To New Market Trends

Digital trends change overnight. This creates the essential need for the professional digital marketing consultant to remain on top of their skills. They need to research extensively, this way they can save time and valuable resources for themselves and their clients alike. Adapting to new market trends is a skill, which needs to be refined all the time.

Include All Digital Platforms


A professional digital marketing consultant knows that your digital presence cannot be complete unless you engage in all the digital platforms that suit your needs. This practice requires a comprehensive and strategic approach. To achieve this approach digital marketers need to be prepared to perform at different levels and different platforms all at the same time.

Expand Strategies With Time

Even if the implemented strategies are successful, marketers still have to enhance their performance. This is only possible when they expand on their strategies. They need to add more features and get deep inside their target audience interests. This will also require them to create and share new content that will help engage new customers as they proceed with their strategies.

Attitude For Continuous Improvement

The most important sign is saved for last. When your digital marketing consultant is self-motivated to improve your business it means you have hired a good asset. This attitude of taking a lead and achieving more than promised is what makes your consultant better than most. This is where all your digital marketing needs can be dealt with, with a professional approach and a result-oriented path.

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