Personalization and Digital Marketing

Personalization and Digital Marketing

February 20, 2017


It has become an established fact that personalization leads to a better brand engagement and sales. However, many of the digital marketers have struggled to make a good use of it.  Delivering a personalized experience to customers should be prioritized in order to boost engagement with the online audience. The majority of businesses have shown confidence in personalizing content in email, social media, and web.

Personalization, undoubtedly, delivers results. Customers like to receive messages that are particularly crafted for them. Generic content has not been that effective in attracting prospects in last few years. Recent trends reveal that marketers who design personalized web experiences get a double return on their marketing efforts. It is comprehensible that delivering the right message to the right people at the right time is a very challenging task. Designing personalized web experience, including social media and landing pages, put an extra burden on the content managers.

You cannot reach everyone on the internet with your marketing message. Therefore, the best strategy is to segment your audience and reach them with a more personalized approach. This approach is better than that of launching a mega online marketing campaign that is generic in its nature. The content feels personal when it speaks directly to a specific audience, individual or a small group of people.

Personalization has been a challenge for marketers and it is likely to continue as a challenge in coming years. According to a survey, 35 percent of B2C marketers are of the opinion that building a concise view of customers across all channels is a difficult task. The biggest barrier in this respect is the unavailability of sufficient technology that can personalize the marketing message. At the same point, marketers have acknowledged the effectiveness of personalized marketing in generating improved response rate, sales and that they are missing out a golden opportunity.

Personalizing marketing efforts is no more an option but a mandate. Consumers are likely to buy and recommend you when you create messaging that is customized in accordance with their needs and priorities. Here are some of the facts that would suggest why personalization should be a priority for digital marketers in this era of mobile devices:

  • The purchase decision of 86% of consumers is influenced by personalize marketing.
  •  62% of consumers are willing to pay more when they receive a personalized service.
  • Personalization can increase return on investment on your marketing spend up to 8 times.
  • 90 percent of marketers admits that personalization is inevitable to meet their objectives.
  • Personalization technology had been a priority of more than 70 percent of marketers in 2016.

If you are looking to be a successful online marketer in 2017 and so on, create personalized content for email marketing, web, and other online marketing channels. Use behavioral data to understand consumers’ preferences and set up segmentation accordingly.

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