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How To Perform An SEO Audit

October 6, 2022


Do you have any idea how well your website is doing? Having a good knowledge of SEO has become increasingly crucial in the modern world of digital marketing. A reputable digital marketing agency, when working with businesses, largely focuses on website optimization along with other essential tasks.

However, how can they determine whether a company’s website needs to be optimized? It’s crucial to decide whether a potential customer needs SEO before you even begin to market their services. Otherwise, potential customers won’t see the value you’re offering.

Every SEO strategy, from keywords to links, depends on data. An SEO audit is where it all begins. In this blog, we’ll give you some guidance on how to conduct an SEO audit. Keep reading for more information.

What Is An SEO Audit?


An SEO audit is a process of analyzing your online resources to ensure that your website is functioning optimally in search results. It helps to protect the site against spam and gives suggestions to improve the website’s rank. SEO audits are crucial for a variety of reasons. The most prominent among them being how frequently Google updates its algorithm to reflect new technologies and search trends.

Thus, every SEO expert should begin by performing a complete SEO audit. This is because you can assess your existing SEO efforts, no matter how many or infrequent they are, and respond right away in response to those insights.

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Steps For An SEO Audit


For maximum optimization, an SEO audit must follow a few essential steps. Let’s examine each of them in more detail:

Crawling And Site Audits

An extensive web crawl is the first step in every successful audit. This enables you to evaluate the overall situation and identify any potential problems with your website. In a nutshell, a crawl will assist you in establishing a starting point for the rest of your audit.

An automatic scan should be performed once a month to track simple metrics like its bounce rate, conversions, and page views. This is frequently enough to uncover severe flaws, such as broken links, page titles, meta-data, or duplicate content on the page. If you come across any critical problems, you might consider getting in touch with an SEO expert for a thorough audit.

Page Speed

When doing an SEO audit, page speed is extremely important, so it’s crucial to evaluate your page load time. A quick site speed encourages a pleasant user experience, whereas a painfully slow one leads to higher bounce rates in our world of limited attention spans! This is unacceptable if your website is one of your key conversion channels.

A speed test is crucial as it allows you to identify the components of your website that are acting as barriers to search engine optimization. You can optimize the performance of your site once you are aware of the areas that require improvement.

Site Architecture

Making sure your website has a sound structure is another element that will enhance its SEO. Both website users and the bots that crawl it to evaluate its search ranking will have a better experience using a website if the architecture is good. A comprehensive, correct sitemap that has been uploaded to your webmaster tool profiles must represent your website’s clear, logical, ordered structure for it to be effective.

Accordingly, a proper URL structure is also necessary. Make sure it corresponds to your site structure and that you use basic, straightforward naming rules, avoiding symbols and numbers whenever you can.

Your Tags

Short, descriptive title tags that properly reflect the objective of the webpage in question. Less is more since longer titles will be truncated by search engines. Wherever feasible, incorporate a relevant keyword. A meta-tag describes the information on a webpage.

When properly optimized, it will encourage a searcher to visit your website by clicking on your listing in a SERP. For bots to properly explore a website, photos must include alt tags, which are text descriptions of the images. Your SEO and overall digital accessibility will be greatly impacted if you provide incorrect descriptions of the pictures on your site.

Your Backlinks

Search engines frequently rely on the evaluation of your website’s worth to users and its perceived quality on the caliber of the websites linking to it. In the past, a technique called “link farming” involved swapping reciprocal connections with other websites to improve SEO.

However, SEO techniques have improved with time, and algorithms have grown in complexity. Focus on quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks since if a search engine thinks that suspicious websites are connecting to you, it might hurt the reputation of your website.

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