New Year Caveats for Small and Medium Businesses

New Year Caveats for Small and Medium Businesses

December 4, 2015

Medium Businesses

Small or medium businesses run on limited budget. A big difficulty for them is to recognize the suitable marketing method. Print and advertising incur high costs and blogging can be time consuming. With reasonable targets to achieve, online marketing is usually free. More important is the fact that online trends change every year, propelling businesses to think what their strategies and objectives will be the coming year. Businesses must plan ahead on organizing the budget and the overall marketing tactics.

We think that to respond to new dynamics, many marketers small businesses have to break down some of the thinking-ahead barriers that have hampered performance in the past.

Now we are going into 2016 and there are a few changes happening around us, which if understood can help local businesses gain more customers. Local businesses can leverage their knowledge of upcoming online trends to market their products/services more effectively. We have put together a few guidelines for small and medium businesses (SMBs)


It totally depends on a company’s current position. Targeted messaging will be beneficial if you are using a complete local internet marketing strategy. Beware!  Your competitors may be using local online marketing that may sweep you out of competition. Hire Pay Per Click and display ad services to enable your ads to bring surprising results.


Your customers are switching to mobile payments for it has become an inexpensive service. Deploy systems that can accept mobile payments and keep building customer base!


Video posting has been on the rise over the past few years.  Video views will increase more in 2016. People are getting more attracted to business content posted in a video.  Your business can take advantage of this trend too.


Facebook used to let you approach your customers for free just like Instagram is now. It looks like instagram will be asking for payments to send your post far and wide.

Instagram is likely to get the most user attention in the coming year. To businesses’ delight, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool and it will continue to be. They report an ad recall twice as high as other online advertising platforms have to offer.

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