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Things To Learn From The Recent Thriving Social Media Marketing Campaigns

February 24, 2022

It seems digital marketing tactics are evolving every hour. Every few days, we hear of a new way to attract our audience. In this regard, social media plays an undeniable role. Although email marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, etc, are also worth the effort, the fruitful results of social media marketing reaps are unmatched.

According To Business Matters, one of the UK’s top business magazines, a firm misses out on a lot of perks if its owner does not devote ample time and effort towards social media marketing.

Slowly but surely, businesses are beginning to recognize the importance of social media. Yet, many enterprises dismally fail to benefit from it despite earth-shattering efforts. The latter is not just the case with small businesses. Even renowned names like Dove, Burger King, Snapchat, and Starbucks also make similar mistakes.

The thing is, any message you post on social media will reach a diverse type of audience. Hence, one never knows what might offend a particular group. Likewise, a slight word slip in the content can completely alter the perception an audience gets. Therefore, utmost attention and critical brainstorming are very important when embarking on any campaign.

But marketing failure is not our topic for today. Instead, we shall discuss in detail some recent successful social media marketing campaigns that completely aced it. This will provide you with the opportunity to learn from their tactics and apply them in your marketing campaigns.

Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns And What You Learn From Them

We often hear a lot about how renowned names made huge blunders that gave a perception of body shaming, sexism, or favoritism. But today, we shall look at the companies that did it the right way. We will also precisely pinpoint what led to the success of these marketing campaigns.

Indeed, these matters may overwhelm business owners. Hence, we suggest that you avail reliable social media marketing services from a reputable marketing agency.

Now let us discuss each case study briefly:

Maersk’s Well-Targeted LinkedIn Campaign

Companies often invest generously in social media, but they make one major mistake. Instead of reaping the benefits of a platform that shows the most customer engagement, firms haphazardly throw content on every platform. At the end of the day, people mix up things and lose track of what is happening on each platform. Resultantly, they fail to respond to customer queries or any other engagement.

The latter is perceived by clients as rude, and slowly, they begin to lose interest in your posts.

However, Maersk was very quick to notice that they get most of their customer engagement from LinkedIn. The world’s largest container shipping company was swift to use this information to its benefit. The company successfully used LinkedIn to share authoritative and industry-related information with its clients. The latter gained Maersk a reputation as a thought leader on the platform.

The lesson you should learn from the above is that you need to explore your strengths on various social media platforms and then use the information to your advantage. We do not mean you should just stick to one platform. However, do give a platform that provides ample customer engagement preference.

Jamie Oliver’s Creativity Mixed With SEO Techniques

One thing a marketer should always remember is that your audience is not sitting out there craving for anything you throw at them. SEO techniques such as clear-cut titles and keyword incorporation are essential in your marketing copy. However, these are of no use if the content itself is boring.

Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel, Food Tube, illustrates how SEO should be mixed with creativity to create enticing text, images, and videos. The channel diligently divides its playlist amongst funny videos, food recipes, and guest appearance videos. As a result, customers are kept engaged and entertained.

What you should take from this is that technicalities are nothing if they are not accompanied by appealing content. Hence, your social media copy should ace everything.

Auto Trader’s Sporty 2018 Twitter Hashtag Campaigns

Many companies try to push the public’s buttons, but they go too far and do more harm than good. Dove tried to illustrate that every woman’s body shape is attractive by crafting shampoo bottles shaped similar to the bodies of women with different weights. However, the strategy backfired, as women thought this idea was actually disrespectful to women.

However, Auto Trader knew which button to press at what time. During the 2018 World Cup, they started a Twitter hashtag campaign promising to give away a free car for each goal England would score. At that point, the matter turned into talk of the town because England had consistently been performing badly in football matches. Hence, people thought the idea was humorous.

To add fuel to the fire, that year, England performed better than expected. Hence, the hashtag gained more popularity as people wondered whether Auto Trader would actually give away the cars.

Hence, always target a popular issue but not a sensitive one. Also, brainstorm the timing of your campaign as it plays an important role in the success of the campaign.

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