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Key Elements Of A Successful Digital Marketing Plan

November 22, 2019

Running a business is a tough job. From HR to managing day-to-day activities, it’s a hectic process to keep up with the flow of work. Most business owners do not have the skills nor time to create and implement an effective digital marketing plan for their company. Instead of experimenting with every online marketing tactic, you can try a few proven and tested digital marketing strategies to build a result-oriented web presence.

Most businesses have limited marketing budgets. If you’re one of them, you need to consider a few key areas that can make the biggest impact. Let’s identify some of the most essential and cost-effective online marketing strategies that will help your business achieve remarkable growth in the long run:

1. Responsive website design

More than 2 billion people access the internet via their smartphones. It is predicted that nearly 70% of the world population will be able to access the internet using their smartphones by 2025. If we talk about 2019, more than 50% of internet traffic is coming from mobile phones. Do you think you can achieve sustainable growth if your business website doesn’t perform well on mobile devices?

A responsive website is designed in a way so that it adjusts the content easily throughout different screen sizes and devices. Your audience searching for your products and services will not tolerate a poorly designed website. So, make sure your web design is fully functional on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly websites not only ensure a seamless user experience, but they also help you improve your position in the SERPs. Google rewards sites that are optimized for mobile devices.

2. Strategic use of social media

Many companies find it difficult to choose the right social media channel to promote their business. If not done right, social media can waste your money and time. It’s not necessary to be on every social network. Identify channels where your customers spend most of their time. For example, if your audience love to use Facebook, build a sound presence on Facebook to engage your audience. More than two billion monthly active users make Facebook a critical part of your social media strategy.

Content is going to be a key player in your social media strategy. Use the power of content to attract, engage, and retain your potential customers on social media. Create and share visual content to make your social media plan more powerful.

Social media is not the right place to bombard your audience with pushy posts. Just share valuable and relevant information and focus on increasing brand loyalty rather than increasing the number of followers. However, you can use paid advertising features to produce instant results.

3. Create great content

Digital marketing is nothing without content. Whether you’re writing copy for your business site, an email, or trying to engage your audience on social media, you need great content. Adding a blog section to your business website is a great way to inspire both your readers and search engines. Your customers are more likely to retain your message if it’s displayed in a fun way. Use content to educate your audience and help them solve their problems.

4. Local influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been on the rise over the past few years. Your digital marketing plan should incorporate local influencer marketing to connect with local celebrities. Working with local influencers will help you get more business. From fostering conversations on social media to increasing brand loyalty, local influencer marketing can be a great technique to promote your business.

Starting a company can be one of the most exciting things you’ve ever done in your life. Let the right digital marketing strategy amplify the hard work you’ve already accomplished.

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