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Ideas To Create Killer Landing Pages

April 1, 2022


Many companies are struggling in the digital marketing world and looking to drive more conversions. However, they don’t know where to start and what options to opt for.

In times when social media and digital marketing are booming, focusing on your landing pages is another useful way to attract more traffic to your services. Different digital marketing companies are providing services to help companies grow their business.

Reach First also provides SEO and digital marketing services in Edmonton, driving more sales and revenue to your business. We are aware of all the upcoming marketing trends that will affect businesses in the coming years, one of them being having an effective landing page.

This blog post further talks about landing pages and how you can create a killer landing page for your own business to grab your audience and thus, improve revenue.

What Is A Landing Page?


A landing page is what potential customers see when they visit your website. It is a standalone web page and is created specifically for marketing purposes. Since its main purpose is to grab the audience’s attention, special attention must be paid to the marketing strategy, the design of the page and the content.

Focusing on the marketing makeup of your landing page can help you reap many benefits. It keeps the user’s attention focused and prevents them from diverting to other options.

It gives you more insights into users’ behavior and choices. Having a good landing page can help you improve paid ad performance. Moreover, using the same logos, colors, and themes on your landing pages helps your customer identify you and create a unique picture of you in their minds.

Ways To Improve Landing Pages


Make It Easy To Read

People like simplicity when it comes to visiting a website page. They don’t like fancy buttons, moving graphics, and other complex items on the pages. Rather, having a simple and informative layout with not too much text is the key here.

You can use bullet points and bold fonts if you want to emphasize something. Write short paragraphs. Too much information can make the page look boring. Have clear buttons on the page to let them know what other options are available to them.

Have CTAs

Call To Action buttons are also quite important on landing pages. Your CTA should be in accordance with the rest of the text and information on your landing page.

Having a CTA on your landing page is important as it prompts the reader to take the next action if they find you interesting and relevant to their needs. You can include different CTA such as:

  • Start Your Free Trial
  • Call Us
  • Click Here To Learn More
  • Sign Up Now
  • Buy Now

Consider Adding More Important Information Above The Fold

A fold on a page is a section that is displayed without any need to scroll. It is the section of your landing page that is displayed when you load a page. Therefore, this part, which doesn’t include scrolling, must contain vital information about your products or services. It must also contain CTA so that those users who have visited your site after reading an email or an ad can use the CTA button of their choice as they have already been persuaded to use your services.

Test Your Landing Pages

An A/B test is a test that can be used on your landing pages to help you decide which type of landing page will drive more conversions. For example, you run two landing pages and change a few elements in each to see which runs the best. This is a matter of trial and error, and whichever performs better should be your final landing page.

You can make amendments in items like:

  • CTA
  • Buttons sizes
  • Number of form fields
  • Column design
  • Colors
  • Buttons options

Final Thoughts

The tips and tricks mentioned in this blog are just a few of the many different ways you can improve your landing pages. You can also consider font sizes and designs, look, and images on your landing pages to improve their appeal. Moreover, getting services from a professional digital marketing company can also help you create a compelling landing page for your site.

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