How to Set Up a Successful Micro-Influencer Campaign

How to Set Up a Successful Micro-Influencer Campaign

March 6, 2017


“The aim of influencer marketing is to identify influencers in your niche and make them work for you by promoting your brand” —Influencer MarketingHub

Online marketing trends evolve constantly like everything else on this planet. They keep changing and coming up with new ideas and technologies to influence an audience.  Marketers cannot afford to ignore newly emerging tools and trends that can help them grab the attention of people who are unlikely to be attracted by outdated marketing techniques.

Influencer marketing is a relatively new concept that has the potential to build a multi-million brand for you.  Studies reveal that micro-influencers with followers ranging from 5000 to 50000 are more successful in engaging their audience than macro-influencers with millions of followers. Here are some tips to attract a maximum number of prospects through micro-influencer marketing.

Locate Relevant Influencers

First of all, you need to find people who are considered an authority in your industry. There is no point in reaching an influencer from a different industry, even if that influencer has strong following and like rate. So make sure you contact influencers who belong to your industry or niche. It is better to engage 100 of your targeted customers than to engage 10000 of random visitors who are not interested in what you are offering. Relevancy has become one of the most important ingredients of the contemporary online marketing.

Engagement is Essential

User engagement is what you are looking for. Before you reach out to influencers, make sure that they are extensively engaged with their audience. The number of posts, comments, likes, and other social activities is a good way to measure their success. One good thing about micro-influencers is that they are better than macro-influencers and celebrities in terms of engagement.

Be good to them

Marketing is not all about sending pushy and annoying messages all the time. Sometimes you have to demonstrate care and love in order to gain attention. Start your campaign with showing some respect and value for your influencers’ work and achievements. It is likely that you would not get a response from most of the influential figures in your industry. However, keep trying and you will learn the art of making valuable connections.

Expand your connections

Connecting with a group of micro-influencers can bring about great results. People in a social network are inclined to like and share each other’s content. In the era of mobile, consumers pay attention to how influencers think about a product or service and what people say on social networks certainly carry value.

Building good relationships with influencers is a difficult task. Make sure your approach towards micro-influencers is full of value and respect.

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