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How to Improve Your Marketing ROI With Automation Tools

May 15, 2017

How to Improve Your Marketing ROI With Automation Tools

The use of right marketing technology can help you increase your marketing return on investment (ROI). Marketing automation has the potential to radically improve the effectiveness of your online marketing endeavors. However, it is important to figure out the right automation tools and how to use these tools for maximum output.  Unfortunately, most of the businesses fail to use their marketing automation software to its full potential.

Maximizing the output of time and money you spend on marketing is crucial to the growth of your business. Therefore, you have to think strategically before selecting a software where you can effectively manage your leads without spending too much money.

Lead nurturing process

Stats reveal that more than 65% of the leads ultimately purchase the products and services they are looking for. As a marketer, your job is to make sure that most of them end up purchasing from you rather than from your competitors. A solid lead nurturing process will help you convert leads into customers before they move on to your competitors. Your prospects go through a number of stages before making a final purchase decision.

The lead nurturing process starts when a prospect visits your site as a result of your online marketing campaigns and shows interest in your products and services by following a call-to-action. Marketing automation streamlines the whole process by integrating your marketing outreach programs with tracking capabilities that assign a score to your leads in order to determine the progress of your prospects in the sales funnel. Based on the data, you can then send incredible content to your prospects and encourage them to reach the final point which is a purchase.

Improve sales productivity

Lead and quality scores, generated by marketing software, will enable you to pick up the most qualified leads and focus on them. Scoring is based on a number of factors, for instance; lead attributes, email response, number of visits, and action performed by a lead on your web page. Select the leads that are at the top of your marketing funnel and do your best to convert them into loyal customers.

Measure your marketing initiatives

Marketing automation can help you track down all of your marketing efforts at one place, thus making it possible for you to effectively measure and comprehend them. Successful businesses always keep a track of their marketing campaigns and continuously measure them so that they can be optimized for better results. Email automation is a simple example of how technology can streamline your digital marketing campaigns.

Automation helps create personalized content

Marketing automation technology will allow you to visualize the buyer’s journey and see more clearly your strengths and weaknesses in every step ahead. Targeted content is of supreme significance when it comes to the lead nurturing process. Keeping in mind the status of a lead in the sales funnel, you can create and send personalized content with great ease.

Automation tools save time and money

Just think of the time and money you save by automating your marketing campaigns. Automated email follow-ups, for example, will help you respond to your prospects within seconds. Similarly, automation tools allow you to integrate social media into the process and schedule content ahead of time.

By identifying and focusing on the most valuable leads will help you maximize the ROI of your marketing. If used rightly, automation will certainly get you more sales and time to create and streamline multi-channel marketing campaigns. Make sure that you select the most relevant and cost-effective marketing technology and make good use of it.

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