How to Build a Sound SEO Strategy For Your Business?

How to Build a Sound SEO Strategy For Your Business?

April 19, 2017


What keywords should I be focusing on? This could be the first question that might strike your mind when you think of building an SEO strategy for your online business. A solid SEO strategy does not start right away with the keyword research. You have to build a foundation on which you will structure your overall web presence. It starts with setting up the goals for your SEO channel. Following a systematic approach can be of great help in developing and optimizing an SEO strategy. Here is how you can research and build an effective SEO strategy for your business.

Create Audience Personas

Before moving to keyword research, it is essential to create audience personas. Before starting any digital marketing activity, you should be well aware of your audience. Creating personas would help you understand the behavior and preferences of your potential customers. If you know your audience well, you would be able to predict what your audience may search for or what search terms they may use to search your products or services. So try to extract maximum information that might help you in developing a better understanding of your prospects and customers.

Build Keyword List

After creating personas based on concrete information, the next step is to prepare a list of highly relevant keywords. If you are selling a multitude of products or services, distribute your products and services into logical segments. It is important to understand how much a keyword worth to your site, the demand for a particular search term, and the efforts required to rank high against a keyword. It is really hard and time-consuming process to compete against big brands in your industry. Therefore, you have to be considerate in keyword selection process.

Since the demand of personalized web experience is increasing, you have to include the long-tail keywords in your list. Recent stats suggest that long-tail keywords offer a better conversion rate. There are plenty of online keyword research tools that can help you along the process.

Functional Content

Content plays a crucial role in defining the success of an SEO strategy. It is one of the important factors that search engines consider while determining the ranking of a web page. A technically healthy site coupled with relevant and functional content will definitely help you build an incredible online experience. In addition to this, engaging and high-quality content will help you increase the popularity of your site.


From an SEO perspective, it is imperative to build responsive sites. People love to browse and find solutions on mobile phones and Google loves to display mobile-friendly sites when someone uses a mobile phone to browse. You can read the recent Google updates, like Mobilegeddon in 2015, to understand how Google deals with differently structured websites.

Search engine optimization is a technical subject. However, by simply following the above-discussed elements, you can start improving the visibility of your site in SERPs.

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