5 Easy Changes to Enhance the Visibility of Your Website on Search Engines

5 Easy Changes to Enhance the Visibility of Your Website on Search Engines

December 2, 2016


Google entertains more than 3 billion search queries every day. Isn’t the fact astonishing? Taking into account the very fact, many businesses launch their presence on the internet in an attempt to be found by the customers looking for all kind of businesses, products, and services.

Search queries related to your business must be facilitated by your website. It will happen only when you make changes to your website that may please the search engine. Certainly, you are doing something wrong if your website does not show up against the relevant queries. These are 5 of the changes that you have to make in order to get a better response from the search engines.

(1) Add concise and optimized content to every page of your website

Good content helps your website stand out and deliver the right message to your potential customers. It is the cornerstone of search engine optimization. The main pages of your website; home, services, and contact us should have rich, optimized and concise content based on target keywords. Lack of quality content on your website pages could stop Google indexing them. Therefore, add relevant, concise and optimized content to every page of your website.

(2) Enable users to easily share your content on social media

Provide users with social share icon on the blog page so that they would be able to share useful content on different social media channels. Apparently, it does not have anything to do with the SEO, but you can earn valuable inbound links. All you have to do is to use plugins that add social share buttons to your website.

(3) Use optimized images

Do not just use images as a content, but optimize them properly. Optimization of an image is a simple process of adding a description, alt tag, and caption. It will help search engines understand the context of an image. Rightly optimized images will be searchable in search engines.

(4) Create unique title tags and meta description

Title tags and meta descriptions serve as the headlines and descriptive text of web pages. They help Google understand what your web page is all about. It will help rank your pages higher in SERPs. Several tools are available to assess web pages.

(5) Consider adding structured markup

Structured markups are stand-out results of different queries. It is not an easy but surely an effective way to improve the visibility of your website. You need to create snippets for the different type of content on your website.

You can make these 5 changes to your website and rank it high in SERPs. It is a good way to increase sales and build the repute of your business. You can consult a reliable web development company to get more information about SEO and web development.

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