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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Branding

July 6, 2020

Branding gives your brand a unique identity of its own and creates its image in the audience’s minds. It’s your branding that makes the audience relate to your brand. There are some practices that you must follow, and on the other hand, there are some things that raise red flags when it comes to branding.

Don’t have big logos

A bigger logo doesn’t make your brand big. It doesn’t look good if you have a huge logo of your brand that looks big on the website, or on other social media marketing platforms. The people seeing it don’t like big logos. In addition to its apparent clumsy look, top brands also don’t use big logos. You can look for yourself, all the top brands in the world like Nike, Apple, and many others have smaller looking logos.

Do have coherence across your brand

One important thing to do in your branding is to have consistency and coherence across the brand. The color scheme, font style, and other elements must not be different in different printing items. For example, the colors that you use in your logo must also be there on the letter pad and other stationery items to complement the logo. It gives your brand consistency, and the audience can relate to it in a better way.

Don’t get non-relatable influencers

It’s the era of social media marketing, and influencers play a vital role in branding. However, you need to ensure that you only get a relatable influencer. Your brand’s influencer must be someone who has got the same characteristics, values, and profession. Your influencer does not only have to be famous even though they don’t have any similarity or relation to your product or brand.

Do ensure standardized branding

Your branding style and details must be the same throughout the organization. There must not be any miscommunication. For example, all departments must be on the same page when it comes to which logo or tag line to use and which one to discard. During the designing and approval phase, some managers might like a specific logo, and others approve a different one. It doesn’t mean everyone should use the logo of their own choice. Make sure that everyone in the organization knows what branding items you have finalized.

Don’t blindly follow the trend

When it comes to giving your brand a unique identity through branding, you don’t have to follow what others are doing blindly. Whatever is trending doesn’t necessarily have to be according to your brand identity and image. You need to do what represents your brand accurately. For this purpose, there is no need to do something that another brand owner is doing. What has worked for someone else might not work for you.

Do keep cohesiveness between online and offline platforms

If someone visits your website first and then visits your physical office, he must be able to believe the two places belong to the same owner. Your website and your office must represent a similar sort of image. If the office looks too funky, and your website is very corporate and sophisticated, it won’t look right. A sense of consistency must be there throughout the platforms you are using for your brand.

Don’t delay rebranding

When brands remain the same for an extended period, customers become uninterested and irrelevant, and the brand starts looking outdated too. To keep your customers attached to your brand, you need to make sure you modernize and change your branding at the right time. Neither very soon, nor too late, you have to be right on time to give your brand a new look.

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